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  1. Really loved this film. Am really excited to see how Darkwing Duck turns out.

  2. Just a reminder that quotas don’t exist. And also….25 tickets per cop per day is A LOT. Imagine a traffic stop taking 15 minutes for a basic infraction (with no other variables that extend the stop like a unlicensed driver/suspended license or even DUI), that’s like 6 hours dedicated to traffic enforcement. Unrealistic for a standard patrol officer having to also respond to calls for service.

  3. Wasn't 25, he said .25, a quarter of a ticket per day

  4. Paywall. Link to the article on the wayback capture

  5. For those who ain't seen it, I drove through Cruso in January. It was still looking like no place I've ever seen before. Junk pile after junk pile. The forest was all slanted trees. Just eerie. Devastated.

  6. I love these actors. Michael McKean ("Better Call Saul"). Reg E Cathey ("The Wire" and "House Of Cards"). Judd Nelson deploying the plot twists with a suit and ponytail. Joe Mantegna deploying the 6-foot pink baby bottle to neutralize a heavily armed Michael Edwards ("Seinfeld")

  7. You forgot Ernie Hudson ("Ghostbusters") and btw its Michael Richards from Seinfeld.

  8. A lot of the modern childish shenanigans seems to stem from the Clinton years, when Rush was becoming a big influence on how the GOP approached the world.

  9. If only there were some large natural structures which grew out of the ground and provided shade. I bet the ground would be pretty cool if they were a thing.

  10. There are big shade canopies at some of the playgrounds in our area and I'm the one hand they keep the direct sun off you but on the other hand, they trap hot air and it's almost worse being under them on the hottest, most humid days.

  11. My city playground's got a tilted shade. Hot air goes away

  12. Not sure if you know, but this has been tried before? the more they raise taxes the less revenue they bring in. Tax rate has been 70+% before and all the rich do is pay more money to find ways to not pay taxes.

  13. SFO while technically SF County, is located in San Mateo County, maybe they don't get piped HH water. But San Mateo's Co's water should be good as well

  14. Whenever I fly into SFO and take the first sip, I pretend In my mind that it's just as good

  15. Continue doing that and you'll be an actual seasoned local like bacon. No salt needed

  16. You get your daily dose of mercury while you're at it

  17. It’s the same for me, it doesn’t get warm enough until July. I went to comic con in 2010, it was like 65/70-ish and people were in the water in San Diego. My bestie, who is also from NC and me were sitting on the beach in hoodies while people were swimming lol.

  18. It's like a cold swimming pool, your body adjusts to it

  19. I still can't believe that God forsaken neutral zone water bottle crash. Shit luck that day

  20. Me as an American checking what that is in F: Holy fuck that's over 80 degrees! 80 degrees outside with a breeze is one thing. 80 degrees inside a building is fucking miserable. I would not patronize any business that set their thermostat that high, it sounds miserable.

  21. I had a work friend from India who would always be silent when coworkers here in the US South would gripe about the heat... which is a communal activity, you can't just let another southerner gripe alone lol. He started noticing that I was noticing, and told me where he grew up, it's 140° F some days, and the mercury has to get way way up for him to even think about breaking a sweat.

  22. 140 is definitely an exaggeration. That's hotter than the highest temp ever recorded (134 in Death Valley) according to a quick google search. Highest I could find in India specifically was about 120, which is hot AF (hotter than anything in GA I think - came up with 112 there). Maybe you can get used to anything, but staying out in those temps will cause heat stroke and death. I think about my ancestors trying to make it here without AC, and they seem like lunatics. Yeah you can adapt and survive it, but their brains were probably addled by the heat. I bow at the feet of Willis Carrier for giving us this miracle of air conditioning.

  23. I'll admit that I probably misremembered the exact number.

  24. Damn. You’re 6’4, he’s 7’6…and here I am rocking 4’11. “What’s the weather like up there?”

  25. 6'4" 260lbs, you hit your head a lot, clothing never fits, and you can't fit comfortably on a plane or in most cars. You can reach for high objects and people gtfo out of your way. Kinda feel like Andre the Giant "hey everybody, move!"

  26. Pants shopping sucks! WHY ARE ALL PANTS 32 LENGTH?? I wonder if it is even harder for me at 6'3" 185 because Big and Tall sections of stores don't have diddly if you're just Tall.

  27. I was walking around my college campus talking with my 4'11" friend between classes, and saw Neil Fingleton (he's Google able) coming through the crowd the other way.

  28. I feel like memes need to be part of any core college curriculum these days.

  29. Honestly just do that anyways. Between the library and streaming services making DVDs dirt cheap, I've created a sizeable movie collection and don't have to worry about if/when things will stream. It's nice.

  30. Do you have a link to a tutorial on that? I have a Plex PC. I have DVDs. I love VLC, I know what a codec is ... someone help me get digitized

  31. I’ll give you some keywords to Google: newsgroups, sonarr, radarr, nzb tracker…

  32. Thanks, friend. How likely is this to get my ISP on my back?

  33. You underestimate the power of misinformation. Even a decade ago, the main argument wasn't "climate change is fake", it was that climate change is not man made and not as bad as people make it out to be. Which is also untrue, but it is an effective argument for those who don't want to take climate change seriously.

  34. They're pivoting to "anything at all that we could try wouldn't help"

  35. Which mods out there spiff up the DS1 castle Ehb? You can tell the devs hit a polygon limit there, and it looks Chuck E Cheesey from some angles

  36. Why did they stop when it came down? Seems like that was the time to immediately hit the gas. Why did they just sit there for 10 seconds?

  37. Or rather than risk destroying stuff ... back up to the direction you came from

  38. The logic also applies that if you are rich you get poorer by having poor friends

  39. Reservoir Dogs/Usual Suspects style ending after the gang's grand plan descends into betrayal and terror and there's Hell to pay.

  40. That’s honestly how I felt too but I received quite a few comments asking to include the Ulster-Scots and Cherokee so I decided to fold and create this design. I’ll see what feedback I get on these designs and proceed from there

  41. I propose that you gather all of these influences and just think of how you can keep them at the table, but as more generalized and less distinct concepts. "The dream of the working immigrants and colonists" hits harder as an artistic representation than "the Scots, Irish, and Germans". The Appalachians are beautiful and welcoming, always have been,I think we can all agree. We need that on a flag. France distilled all their shiz down to freedom, equality, and brotherhood on their flag, and it's working out wonderfully for them. Thank you for letting us be part of your project.

  42. I appreciate what you’re doing, but I find your final design “busy” with too much dead space in the sky area. Why not try something asymmetric? Move the star to a corner and extend some of the mountains to the sky? Or leave the star and play with the sun/mountain heights.

  43. Yeah I support assymetry like moving the star one big notch in the direction of the flag staff. Or the star-in-the- corner idea, also good, we take out 75% of the barn star but keep the main concept.

  44. I did this hike in October on a cloudy day. The bottom was nice, cute foliage, just needed a couple layers on.

  45. " To the framers themselves, Madison explained that the Senate would be a "necessary fence" against the "fickleness and passion" that tended to influence the attitudes of the general public and members of the House of Representatives. George Washington is said to have told Jefferson that the framers had created the Senate to "cool" House legislation just as a saucer was used to cool hot tea."

  46. Aight. Progress < Saucers, thanks! I want to cool off the House by giving them 3 year terms. They're in constant reelection mindset, and that's just so much extra work that could be put to more practical use.

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