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  1. Also, notice how I didn't put anything on trip time or expenses. This is a theoretical max profit which would never work in-game. I know that it would take time and money to do this, and 10 mill invested for 2 mil just isn't worth it

  2. "I posted something absolutely preposterous and the community didn't welcome the post with open arms and jubilation. They are the worst."

  3. Yk. In 4-5 months, this user will be deleted. It's my school email linked to Reddit.

  4. This is why I got the Canuto Artimex set. Gold and white? Yes please

  5. I’m confused. Can someone explain? (E-4 overlord is an allied awac but why are people mad?)

  6. No, E-4 Overlord and the Allied Cruiser is on the cool side, while everyone else like carriers and other aircraft are not

  7. I will try this soon. We'll see if it's possible, but the consensus seems to be that E-4 Overlord and Allied Cruiser is cool

  8. I have one normal one, one BVR and another one that I can't remember

  9. If the cruiser shoots you with a SAM: “Poseidon’s kiss”

  10. Underlord should be reserved for if we get a submarine

  11. You can only have weapons on internal weapons bats if you want to be stealth so nothing on the wings

  12. Yes, but how useful is it? I know how to stealth, but not why

  13. It's quite useful, I've managed to get within 3 miles of a target before being visually aquired so if you fly right and try to always be notching AWACS radar you'll really never be spotted, it's kinda un realistic but the stealth capabilities in the f45 are kinda perfect

  14. Which sauce would you like ? The metal or the meat ?

  15. My hope is that in 40 years (or whenever) when we can play as a Tevarin we can start an enclave for other Tevarin. And eventually start an uprising to reclaim Kaleeth.

  16. I agree, I even agree with the Tevarin in their view of the UEE. Not cool, humans. We should nag CIG to let us help them

  17. And as far as I know, Velma has a... "Relationship"... with both Shaggy and Scooby

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