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  1. I posted a picture of Anna once and my dms were blown up by dudes who thought she was me.

  2. I post a free article about dimes square and you downvote me. I get no respect!

  3. Austria is too rich to be considered central European

  4. Imagine letting the economy collapse not even a month into your ascendance into office; and you can’t even blame the global economy because it was entirely the work of your administration that has lead to this point; literal comedy gold.

  5. shes not in it for the money. all of her jobs are in a 5 mile radius of Ben Shapiros house.

  6. Huh fair enough. I guess it was 50% prior to the war actually starting. Jesus wtf is wrong with people.

  7. 40 percent of americans still think the war was justified.

  8. no braindead coomer losers in my thread. go back to your banned sub

  9. oh damn, I’m waiting for the next Donovan book of his and I didn’t know this existed, thank you so f*cking much

  10. whats with the presentism and editorializing in this?

  11. u kmow monroe would tap that like a monticello wine-celler

  12. I scroll vindictarateme sometimes, literally more attractive than the average scroll through tinder

  13. none of those girls are attractive except the 3rd post lol.theres more zeros there than jeff bezos bank account

  14. If I wasn't so drunk on my gay husband's homemade cider I would for sure say this is total bullsh#t. This cost more than $100.

  15. These men have wives and like multiple mistresses how's that incel?

  16. imagine a chad who builds a mall full of shops so he can keep his wife and mistresses happy. Like every shopowner there is in a relationship with him but doesn’t know it and they somehow all find out about it.

  17. It's not a conspiracy—tech companies mess with your search query internally to avoid over-representing any racial/cultural group. Most of them will just tack on search terms for ethnicities/races to the end so that when you search "teacher" it isn't entirely white women, or whatever.

  18. It’s probably because white people are so hegemonic that the only time you need “white” specified is because there’s someone of a different race in the picture with them

  19. Latino men simping for mid women so long as they’re blonde and white. A tale as old as time.

  20. Ajuuran are not Hawiye and the Empire was called Ajuuran, not the Gareen clan/House that ruled the Empire. This is technically the sultanate of Qelafo which was a much diminished vestige of the empire.

  21. Elon's father is Afrikaans, his mother on the other hand is Canadian. At the very least he'd be considered Afrikaans-English.

  22. his father is Anglo and therefore not Canadian. at the most he’s Uitlander

  23. i love being fat and getting my small 𒄀𒁾𒁀 sucked

  24. It will have a huge impact. People keep saying “haha they will just be blown to bits by artillery” but that’s not the situation on the ground. Russia has fired 10 times as many shells as Ukraine, and Ukrainian artillery, especially MLRS, is mostly deployed in counterbattery missions or in destroying Russian logistical centers, both with the goal of reducing Russian fire. Ukrainian infantry have made up for this by maneuvering better than the Russians, enabled by the fact that there are more of them. Russia when it has enough men to shore up the line and prevent penetrations - not to mention actually assault positions instead of shelling them until the Ukrainians leave - will be fighting a very different kind of war. The Western response should be “send more kit” but we’ve seen a reluctance from NATO countries to vomit fully to Ukraine’s defense - they are mostly giving what can be easily spared instead of sending equipment they plan to use themselves. It’s possible that the completion of mobilization sees increased Western commitment.

  25. Damn really takes me back to when I watched black hawk down that one time.

  26. filmed in morocco, with senegalese actors who couldn't pronounce the words right and the music is swahili. also the book is way better, the movie is nonsense propaganda.

  27. i know your joking but if you google image search Muqdisho (in Somali) vs. Mogadishu (in English) you get a major difference lol

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