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  1. And you will also get 950 vbucks if you got the current battle pass without using crew subscription.

  2. What me and a friend did was just do any mode where people get knocked and get headshots on them. Or just do team rumble i guess

  3. I dont care about what you and your friend did lmao the quest is still difficult.

  4. Please give them to me epic : axyxb what's you epic

  5. To complete it yes you need another people. There be be some Higher skilled players who can solo it.

  6. Im only a stonewod player do you think i can do it ?

  7. I have no idea what the lowest level of the mode is, you’d have to check what’s available.

  8. Yes can i solo it as a stonewood player? i have no gold guns and almost no traps.

  9. It's really odd how they want you to know how long they have been playing the game. They use the Battle Bus Banner, make sure you see them using old emotes and wearing old cosmetics, but consistently are the worst, congrats on having had the game for so long, too bad you didn't learn how to play it in all that time.

  10. Dawg its just a banned. Not that deep 🤣💀💀

  11. No Ruksati for such a long time almost always has issues. This is not how a husband should behave. This is a red flag 🚩. People like this tend to get worse in the future.

  12. Wait, you have been married for over a decade with no rukhsati?


  14. Can you make concept skins for demon slayer

  15. Can you make concept skins for demon slayer

  16. Knee and navel are not awrah. Thats modern bidaah.

  17. How much karma do u need to post on this sub

  18. Like, 40% of my Backpack is Nuts n Bolts. Lol. Even after dropping stacks to Randoms to gimme some BP space. 😂

  19. Can you drop me some pls. And blast powder too i have 0

  20. What's your Epic? I can drop you a couple stacks of N and B's, and some rough ore to help with the crafting of BP, as I don't have a great deal of BP to give away....

  21. Epic axyxb. Whats yours so i can accept. I have lots of friend requests

  22. This happens to me sometimes. I play on PC though but restarting my PC usually fixes it. You may have to restart your console to fix it.

  23. No you can just unplug your mic and plug it back. No need to restart your pc bro.

  24. It’s technically cheaper if you only buy 13500 vbucks at once like me

  25. Wait till u know if you buy turkish 13k vbucks is like 25$

  26. 800 vbucks ÷ 50 vbucks = 16 daily challenges in save the world

  27. Thats how ive been buying skins forever

  28. Play team rumble, if your team has the right side for the drop you can drop there and just shoot him once then run away. Even if you die in team rumble after damaging him it should apparently still count, or it did for Tabor Hill in his video doing the challenges.

  29. It worked for me. An enemy killed me and killed the boss. It counted for both of us.

  30. I think i saw you in party royale. Where you on top of the roof with other people ?

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