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  1. stalker og trilogy before anomaly, because it nails the atmosphere (in some ways better than anomaly imo) and because playing anomaly without having the context from the originals is a bad idea

  2. Don’t recall seeing a Vintoretz yet. An AS VAL. Would be cool if we also got some XM action going…

  3. Assuming its the same as vanilla anomaly,it would be 4 hours irl time=24 hours in game time

  4. Do you guys ever do anything other than play stalker? When you visit a rural region, you go "Guys!!!1!1 Look it's stalker!!!!1", when you see a sunset you go "Guys!!!!!11! Look, it's a blow-out!!!1!1", when you see a word you go "Guys!!!11! It's a stalker reference!!!!11!"

  5. I can interpret this as faction Clear Sky fear no one, they just enter center of the zone just to kill one man going through Monolith legions. CS faction is badass

  6. I 100% agree We only lost because some scientists got mad about our balls of steel and decided to hit us with an emission

  7. It's probably going to be a disappointment like every other fps the last few years

  8. maybe, quite possible in fact, but it hasnt released yet so it could also turn out to be a masterpiece

  9. As a guy who loved the Metro series and plays the shit out of Anomaly and GAMMA... this has me hyped.

  10. Stalker players when see cloudy weather (stalkir referenace)

  11. i want them to keep some of the original voice lines from stalkers, because not hearing cheeki breeki while fighting a bandit would just not feel right

  12. Wait what's number 5? how come I've never seen it before

  13. I'm honestly not sure, I haven't seen them. My buddy says if you don't stealth through part of the swamp like the game kinda wants you to, you'll have to fight one of these but I guess I never did that.

  14. I don't think Stalker qualifies for this, simply labeling bugs as anomalies doesn't "convert" them into features, that's just another example of "they're not lootboxes, they're surprise mechanics".

  15. I think stalker players are the only ones who will be happy if the game isn’t completely polished

  16. watching my dad play stalker clear sky waaay back in the day was my first introduction to the series, i dont remember much though

  17. doesnt really fit the list, but personally i would love a "mysterious/creepy forest" where you encounter no people or mutants of any kind and there are no birds

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