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Major Reddit communities will go dark to protest threat to third-party apps | App developers have said next month’s changes to Reddit’s API pricing could make their apps unsustainable. Now, dozens of the site’s biggest subreddits plan to go private for two days in protest.

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  1. We had an illegal box cause my neighbor had a buddy who hooked it up

  2. That's so cool. I may have to get one and see what attachments I want. Looks like a very versatile tool for smaller things. Thanks!

  3. I actually noticed how he was cutting it wrong. It wasn’t the ideal material to cut with, but the ideal cut doesn’t involve moving it like he does. You need to move it as little as possible in straight lines.

  4. Yeah they have an attachment for metal and wood, this is ideal if you practice with it first. Use one sometimes for work with thin metal.

  5. Also my foot doctor uses it for the callus on my jacked feet. Has a grinder

  6. I picked one of these up out of pure curiosity while in Poland. Have never seen them in the states before

  7. I saw these in Germany and I tired the Twix one, I threw it out after drinking half lol

  8. I was laughing at this episode - lackluster and scattered. I’m done with the show.

  9. I think the burning down of the house was symbolic, and I’m excited for the next season.

  10. It's OK, My brain still thinks last year was technically Ted Cruz's daughter isn't coming out for 2 more years.

  11. I feel like I thought it was a rumor around the time with the suicide attempt and that’s probably when she came out. I googled it quick because I saw an old article tweeted and saw Jan 2022 and I figured I had missed it. First day back to work after 2 weeks, I’m lost in the news cycle and I thought this was recently lmao

  12. In the past week I've seen comments that typically only show up in political threads be applied to:

  13. Recently I’ve been getting bot followers that are basically porn tho

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