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  1. These MAGA reps and candidates are very damaged and cowardly people. "Abortions wrong, lying is wrong, they're liars!" Turns out he participates in abortions and lies about it all, posing as an angel. Projection.

  2. Poseidon.... This guy's a real life Bond villain.

  3. Pistols are actually pretty hard to aim at over 30 feet already, now imagine you were just sprinting in full gear, not to mention the little fact that you have just been shot.

  4. And the moron on the right wearing his fucking work badge...

  5. Scroll reads "DeSantis orders shooting of looters"

  6. How long until they complain that there aren't enough white men in the image.... 🤔

  7. She really should have just been a model, or a silent film actor.

  8. Yup. The last time fascists gave us trouble, the Allied Forces killed over 5 million if them.

  9. That's the problem. Libs believe you can have a penis and be a woman. So you're rolling the dice over there. We don't belive in that mess and the only exception I'm aware of on this side of the fence is Blair and that Kardashian fellow.

  10. Yeah, yeah; they're tough as hell when talking to pollsters and making anonymous comments on the internet. We saw the actual Trump Army on January 6th. We're not scared.

  11. Republicans were completely convinced dems stole the election from them and all they could muster was a 2 hour field trip to the Capitol, not a shot fired from them, MAGAT lady got shot in the jug, retreated from their little mission and now live in a jail under seditious conspiracy charges. I agree their so called "civil war" isnt anything to worry about.

  12. Yeah, if you want to get blown to Mars by Dick Cheney in a wig.

  13. War is peace, freedom is slavery and Donald Trump is innocent.

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