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  1. They have unique titles through jobs quests already.

  2. Again didn't skip... Just microwaved some food while the scene was on auto...

  3. Lol. I mean some can be crazy long winded so yes. Just a reminder you can view them in the inn.

  4. This feels like just a way to whip idiots into a blind frenzy. I may be wrong, but I very highly doubt he'll face accountability for any of his wrongdoings

  5. I do think that it's a game problem. Whether you personally see it as a problem or not is based on your preferences but it's is undeniable that things like the DF and the ability to have thousands of random players at your fingertips has an effect on the social landscape of MMOs.

  6. Fiesta has private servers if you wish to scream into the void for a party.

  7. And there it is, critical discussion met with the "play another game if you don't like FFXIV."

  8. No. Just a suggestion of games that are still like that. I really do not give a shit what you do.

  9. I just want to point out that this is not an uncommon occurrence.

  10. I thought I had bad luck with the main scenario roulette lately... I wonder if this is the fame person who landed on my blacklist a week ago. Lol

  11. I mean, if I had to deal with the Hildibrand nonsense, I'd be sarcastic with him too...

  12. Poor Hildi. He just wants to help out and be a good person.

  13. Yeah, I feel sad about it, I want to play with my friends.

  14. Please don’t. Early story is a rough run, especially when you feel like others are waiting for you.

  15. Two things can be true. The number of people participating in the labor force decreased dramatically during the COVID pandemic.

  16. Then I suppose your business was unsustainable and unnecessary.

  17. Because there are some that think that all regulations can be instantly brought into existence with an Executive Order.

  18. Or because he just decided “fuck you” when rail strikes were going on over -checks- safety concerns.

  19. Selective editing; let’s gooooo!!!

  20. I have horrible, chronic GERD. Sometimes working while having a flare is a nightmare. But I still need to work. And it’s no excuse to lowball strangers on internet!

  21. Any kind of digestive issue can be hell. I have GERD+Bile acid malabsorption from something I am currently having endless tests to find. 🙃

  22. Is it really that big of a deal tho? It’s not like we don’t play every one else and our own citizens.

  23. Look, I don’t love Joe, but that is simply untrue. Also, the horrible unprofessional acts of the Republican Party last night should be censured at a minimum.

  24. Why are we so obsessed with voting for old ass people? So we have to wait till the boomer generation goes ?

  25. Biden's done a great job, and he absolutely should run because he will get more votes than any other candidate.

  26. The President can do nothing if we don’t keep the house and congress out of the hands of the GOP. That is more important than the presidency will ever be. They make laws, not the Presidency, he just signs things with more pens that is necessary. That’s not to say it isn’t important as obviously there are something’s only a President can decide.

  27. No words. Just hysterical laughter.

  28. Are they saying she’s not really a woman because she looks like him?

  29. Psychology + biology. There is not a single answer to this question as we cannot raise people of the exact same biological makers and exclude them from society to make sure they have the exact same environment to be raised in.

  30. Honestly? I’m ok with home schooling, I was home schooled, lot of schools are shitty, (especially in the area I grew up in) but today? Shit is getting scary, parents are loosing there minds, I hope they don’t ban homeschooling outright (they probably will…) but I’m thinking there need to be stricter limitation and supervision.

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