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  1. All night she's playing hide n seek with me... Now I can find her, thanks for it...πŸ€—

  2. I hate companies that tell you it's flicker free... It fcuking hurts... I bought an MSI monitor and it's not been a year , it started flickering and they have no service center nearby...

  3. Bheem ki Shakti dhoom machaye hindu hona tik na paya kiyuki jaati beech mein aaye

  4. Buss tumlogon ko Hindus me meme banane aate hai... Thoda toh respect kr lo Bhagwan ko

  5. I think of how thinking about your brain using your brain is weird, and thinking about that is worse, and thinking about thinking about that is-

  6. mai tho khud hii sc hu bhai teri seat tho mai le lunga 😼

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