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  1. I say tell him. You don’t owe your mom anything after she dropped a bombshell like that on you after 20 years just to protect her own ass. I know you are worried about her well-being, but to be honest she should’ve owned up a long time ago. There was always a possibility he’d find out, with or without a DNA test.

  2. Well I can only tell you what helped me. I’m a 43 year old male so maybe this won’t translate to your situation but I have been in the same boat. I started waking up every morning and doing push ups…. That’s it, I was over weight and had a mountain of things I have to do everyday, car maintenance, bills, work, clean the house, mow the lawn, water the plants, meetings, projects, helping my son with his problems, helping my family with their problems etc.

  3. it was pleasant i suppose, just glad the snow has dissipated to tell you the truth.

  4. Spring is great, but I can't wait for summer personally.

  5. That's brings up an interesting point... do you need a coffin or can they bury just the body in the dirt? Coffins are very expensive and a huge waste considering you spend thousands on something and then turn around and bury it.

  6. From what I’ve researched (I also want to be buried decomposer-friendly), you have to jump through a lot of legal hoops to do it on the record- I believe that this is because a coffin/embalming is partially responsible for sealing in any diseases your body might let loose while decaying. So there is definitely a process to do it the right way in the eyes of the law. However, if you have a large plot of land and want to be thrown in a hole, I doubt anyone would throw a fit unless they found out. But I’d be really careful to leave LOTS of evidence that you requested this type of burial- you don’t want a dog digging up your femur in 30 years and suddenly your kid is wanted for hiding your dead body on your property. I would also assume you could get into trouble if your land is sold after your death, as you would then be buried on someone else’s land and I can’t see any protections for your corpse should they choose to exhume your body or develop the land where you are laid to rest. I personally plan to lay out what I want very clearly with friends and family (they have been told informally already) and then check with local government to figure out where I can and can’t be buried, what I need to do to avoid legal action against my loved ones after I’m gone in the event the nature of my burial is disputed, etc.

  7. Oh, that I 100% believe- with modern plumbing and irrigation it’s unlikely to be an issue in developed countries. But disease CAN survive in the soil and make its way into the water source in theory.

  8. probably noticing her confidence increase or she seems more “desirable” because she’s taken? i do feel like my gf claims she is never hit on or noticed by others and i’m constantly catching people checking her out or trying to flirt and she’s oblivious lol

  9. Lol no dealer is gonna give u boat and tells you it's weed they charge more for that

  10. midnight gospel, inside job, gravity falls, rick and morty, bojack horseman (if youre okay getting depressed), adventure time

  11. I saw it was on Netflix but decided not to give it a watch so this might be my sign to… edit: grammar

  12. I'm curious, why is your passport one of the "best"? It doesn't really give you access to live in any other countries, just to visit. Having a European passport for example, means that you can basically go live in any country in Europe you want. You don't need any visa. What do Americans use their passport for besides travelling? "Best" is quite a reach.

  13. That’s a great point and kind of what I meant but didn’t say clearly- we can visit almost anywhere but getting citizenship is difficult because we’re from the US. And I understand completely that the standard of living here is way higher than many other places around the world, and by all accounts we are wealthy. But fascism is rising here and people are quickly falling into poverty. My partner and I work 40+ hours a week each and make $100l/yr combined and still live paycheck to paycheck. In our neighborhood homelessness is common, we had a camp outside our parking lot a few months ago, never reported them so i don’t know what happened but it eventually moved further away. Propaganda is real here and the government hides our homeless from view. There are people living here like they do in “third-world” countries but they’re not talked about.

  14. Which is why our passport is so good. Because most countries know most US residents will be returning home.

  15. Yup. I know I sound spoiled complaining but I’m trans and female which means the US government is annoyed by my existence- at best!

  16. um does...everyone....grow out of it?

  17. my college roommate, my gf, and my gf’s sister didn’t, they all still sleep like that time to time lol

  18. Total banning of a substance isn’t always the way to go for certain people’s recovery. You had a beer on a special occasion, that’s okay, don’t fixate on it

  19. Yep. Not all addicts are the same. For some, they can never have a drop of the stuff again, for others the pressure of swearing it off for life makes it harder to stay sober than just taking it day by day.

  20. Shit happens. The best you can do now is try again. Question though and I apologise if this is offensive, but what did you do when you felt the urge begin? You made it 6 months on the edge which is great! I was just wondering. My mom is 1 year sober as of March 5th. I’m just worried for her sometimes so ways to try and subside the craving would be nice to know.

  21. Year mark might bring up lots of hard memories of rock bottom, so as a fellow child of a sober mom, try to remind her you love her as much as possible, do things to take things off her plate if you can, just be helpful and around.

  22. Hey big sis here. I have actual trauma from being emotionally abused by my best friend in HS. Not unlike an abusive romantic relationship. long story short i wish i had listened to my parents because she really was not worth all my effort and hurt feelings. Cut her loose. It’ll hurt, but especially after graduation you’ll likely feel relieved

  23. Yep. Moved into an old apartment building with no fan in the bathroom and couldn’t figure out why the ceiling was starting to show signs of moisture damage… only for the maintenance guy to look at us like we’re idiots and tell us to open a window while we shower. In hindsight, duh. But I never thought it could make such a huge difference.

  24. as a gender-fluid (aka non binary) American thank you to everyone signing… i “pass” as my assigned gender so i’m not at as high of risk of random discrimination as other trans folks, but it’s terrifying nonetheless being here. I’m in a state bordering Tennessee and all I can think is that fascism is here and alive and every cis person I know just doesn’t realize that yes, it CAN happen here.

  25. Women don’t feel that way, maybe a very very small minority but I guarantee 99 out of 100 people posting “kill all men, all men are horrible, etc” are doing it for attention because they know it’ll go viral from enraging people like you. social media shows that stuff to you because it knows you’ll have a strong reaction and stay on their platform longer, scroll farther, share links, etc. and think about it this way, men generally tend to be physically stronger than women. saying inflammatory shit is the most hurtful thing most women can do to a man. Men can kick the everliving shit out of most of us, even the ones who aren’t that big or strong. So yeah, it’s not right, but at the end of the day you still hold all the power. even if every woman in the world united against you (which would never happen because too many women individually benefit from enabling the patriarchy), there would still be men taking your side at every level of the government. And men make up the majority of the government. Cis men aren’t facing criminal charges for taking control of their own reproductive systems the way women and trans men are. By and large, the western world is still designed by and for straight, white (rich) men. Does that mean every straight white guy has it made? Of course not, but he’s still got a better shot just based on literal centuries of white men getting preference. That way of thinking doesn’t go away just because we pass laws to try and stop it.

  26. Plus its funny you say you are done with women and you are only 16. How many women do u even know lmao

  27. yeah better to say he’s done with girls since he hasn’t even made it to an age to be around women besides his family and teachers

  28. carts are usually anywhere from 60-90%+ THC. Flower is more like 10-25% THC with small amounts of minor cannabinoids like cbd, cbg, cbn, thcv. flower also has, typically, intact preserved trichomes, whereas with distillate... i'm honestly not familiar with how terps are added to distillate but it can't possibly be as good as fresh, live trichomes. it's a more "full-spectrum" experience because smoking flower will target a wider range of receptors in your brain than distillate/THC alone does. but then there are live resin and live rosin carts, those are diff story. much closer to flower than disty. tl;dr i have no idea and im high rn but i think it has something to do with minor cannabinoids and freshnesss/the fact that heat/pressure/solvents will degrade the quality of the concentrate and the terps within them... that's my theory anyway.

  29. Live resin is from freshly harvested plants. Live rosin is from dried plants. I believe live rosin is produced with pressure or temperature vs chemically treated like distillate. That could be wrong but what I understood from reading about it.

  30. live resin means the cannabis flower was essentially flash-frozen to best maintain the trichomes (aka where the yummy terps live). So you keep a lot of the secondary effects in-tact that way instead of just a high THC%.

  31. if your self care rituals are a requirement for your mental health i wouldn’t do it

  32. can’t remember for the life of me, but everyone is welcome to attempt reverse engineering it

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