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  1. My awakening’s apex involved an out of body experience where I was catapulted into a higher state of consciousness for a time. It was a sort of fluke and came about through extremely intense desire rather than refined experience and training. Because of this, I hadn’t grasped how to maintain or repeat it before I slipped out of that state as the weeks went on.

  2. When you get into esoteric works whose authors claim to have been in contact with spirits and/or extraterrestrials you’ll find the question of Jesus is brought up a lot. They ask the entities they’re in contact with to inform them about the details of Jesus. The answers are surprisingly consistent.

  3. This is a really beautiful answer. Wow. I can literally see it play it out. And it makes so much sense. I would love to learn more about this.

  4. Yes, we are currently undergoing that second coming. It’s a gradual transition that is said to take anywhere from several decades to centuries to complete. The official starting point was 2012 when the Earth, Sun, and galactic center alined, the end of the Mayan calendar. The effects of the impending awakening was also starting to be experienced in the decades beforehand as well.

  5. Our subconscious is the part of our minds we experience while dreaming. The subconscious is aware of spiritual natures that the conscious mind is not. The subconscious also usually communicates differently than the conscious mind does: visions, intuitions, sensations, rather than words.

  6. Try learning something else, Buddhism perhaps. Studying other religions shows us what is wrong with your culture locked religion. At the same time, it can show us what is right with our culture’s religion, like overlapping philosophies, if you will. Focus on those overlaps. Insights are hiding there.

  7. I think the notion of separating the good from the bad in a philosophy rather than totally abandoning all aspects of it is a good practice. If a philosophy is popular that means it resonates with people and thus has some truth in it.

  8. Finding the commonalities of all religions across all cultures formed the base of my own spirituality. It’s incredibly healing and affirming to feel connected to Jesus in this way, without the fear or guilt I used to associate with Christianity.

  9. Absolutely. I’ve gained a increased feeling of spiritual camaraderie with mankind in general knowing they’ve been seeking and finding the Creator in their own various ways across all the ages. I no longer look at the various different religions with the negative view of them being “lost” or “damned”. It’s very freeing.

  10. This is, word for word, my experience during awakening (my dark night of the soul). Since that night I have never heard another negative voice and am able to call on guides (call it higher self, angels, whatever else you like) to assist me in times of trouble.

  11. Yeah, it was a manuscript published on three separate occasions, each under a different name:

  12. I’ve often heard narratives about the moon having an ability to affect states of consciousness. This concept was better understood in our ancient religions. In your particular case, it seems to effect your subconscious, the aspect of our minds we experience when dreaming.

  13. When we share an accomplishment or intended goal with others there’s suddenly pressure on us to maintain or surpass the goal that didn’t exist before in order to impress others. The situation can then become a stress inducing chore rather than a humble personal pleasure.

  14. I believe we incarnated here to perfect our capacity to love, and this advice is pertinent to that goal.

  15. Try to get out of the lower PS brackets. They’re infested with borers.

  16. Melee is everywhere, borers in low ps, lacerators and druz etc builds on low small tracks will be in mid, and then you have your copy paste firedogs etc in high ps, so that doesn't help

  17. There’s definitely less literally melee in mid PS, which is to say 8k-ish. I always play this bracket. When I start seeing 6k in my lobbies, I’ll notice some of them have borers.

  18. That is an interesting concept that some negative spirits might be former humans that had ridged dogmatic religious biases in their past lives.

  19. Let's hope not as rushing builds are already among the strongest in the game.

  20. Imagine a dog pins you then disables all our weapons. It wouldn’t even care about having its speed reduced because it’s already caught you.

  21. Don’t go above 8999 or you’ll get matched against people 50% higher than you. If you go above 8999, then you might as well just shoot for the highest possible limit.

  22. The explosion radius bonus effects weapons, but has no effect on modules. The ammo bonus only effects ammo packs and the microfactory, not the base ammo count of weapons.

  23. Adding to this, some weapons that technically explode don’t receive the buff, such as Fuse drones.

  24. For most, the term “spirituality” is the pursuit of the things of the soul. It’s the study and embracing of the soul usually on a personal level.

  25. This is a difficult question to answer at first, but did you literally hear it with your physical ears or was it heard telepathically?

  26. I think it was physically heard by both of us. I’ve never experienced telepathy so I can’t say for sure. It wasn’t “in my mind” if that makes sense. Although it was low volume, It sounded as real as if I had speakers playing.

  27. That’s interesting. Consider trying to record it next time.

  28. Most ancient and many new aged spiritualities include both reincarnation and deities.

  29. They are one of the strongest weapons in mid PS. One or two decent porc-ers could guarantee a win for their team back in the day before their big nerf awhile back. Since the nerf I don’t see then nearly as often but they still are very effective.

  30. The physical sensations that come with awakenings are very curious. It’s hard to say for sure what is happening. I generally just examine the emotional, mental side of things while I’m feeling the sensations, and if those are positive I don’t concern myself.

  31. One of the natures of enlightenment is freedom, that’s why philosophers always break the societal mold. You can’t be enlightened and a slave for very long.

  32. It looks like a Spear of Light now instead of just a fast jabby stick. Am I nostalgic and do I miss old animation? Yes. Is the new one better? Hands down it is better from a design perspective and actually weaves well now (even if weaving did get a fat nerf).

  33. Haven’t played in awhile. How was weaving nerfed?

  34. I’ve found that when having difficulty trying to label an issue as one thing or another, usually that means it’s a combination of both things at once.

  35. I’ve heard many similar stories and even knew personally someone who had spirits interact with their device to communicate.

  36. Some of my earliest memories were sitting on the deck, looking up at the tree tops, and thinking:

  37. I think the fact that you can outrun them is ridiculous.

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