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  1. Looks like you have been very thorough in talking to all the carriers ๐Ÿ‘ What's the monthly payment for the 14 pro max device with Fido?

  2. went in person and called online as existing customer. was turned down by both.

  3. I was in a similar situation. My condo has metergy as well and it bills hydro and water in one bill. As per my rental agreement, landlord is responsible for water while I'm responsible for hydro and heat. Metergy refused to shift water bill to landlord so presented the below two options to the landlord -

  4. That makes a lot sense, Iโ€™m gonna propose this to the landlord. One question: when you say โ€œheatโ€ is it the same thing as โ€œgasโ€ in the standard form?

  5. It's not on their website. You have to call them. I changed my existing 42$ 8gb plan to 30$ 20 GB plan by speaking to the customer care today. Got to retain the 1000 minutes free international calling as well.

  6. 1 Go to the playground on queens quay north side between Reese and simcoe 2 cross lakeshore north and go to roundhouse park, another playground plus about 10 trains on display. Cn tower, rec room and Ripleys aquarium are all there

  7. Hard pass, there is only risk for you and no upside.

  8. Not a problem, I really recommend they look into the work permit. I have seen someone in this position where they then had to ask their employer (because really that's what they were) to issue a T4 or they were in breach of their work permit and would have to leave the country. I am not an employment law expert though, just a word of caution for your friend.

  9. Hi - I'm a first time renter based out of Toronto. After comparing quotes from multiple companies, I found the premium from SquareOne the most reasonable. I'm paying 24 CAD per month for a 1+den. Hope this helps.

  10. I do realize that most practices are not taking in new patients but thought it might be good to have a few shortlisted options to even consider getting on a wait-list.

  11. YMMV but I got it after calling Bell in Sep. Might be worth a try. Worst case is the plan isn't available but maybe they give you a credit.

  12. I got a similar plan after calling them last week. Tell them you want to disconnect the service. Their loyalty dept will offer discounts to retain you.

  13. I had the same fibe 500 plan and was paying $90+ taxes until last month. After seeing that there are much cheaper plans at other providers, I called bell and requested for a disconnection. They offered fibe 1.5 + fibe tv subscription for $60 ( 50+10) per month before taxes.

  14. If you cannot negotiate, set a cancellation date and switch to a coaxial cable provider or independent ISP (they go through VDSL or cable).

  15. It's been my experience that Bell only offer deals after you're "already installed" with a competitor. Good luck.

  16. Thank you, that's been my experience so far as well. I see my friends who are shifting to Bell much better discounts while Bell is not willing to decrease my monthly payment

  17. WS Trade has a couple of day delay for some ETFs.

  18. For my Questrade account it shows up as a deposit overnight tonight. So the money is in today but only accessible tomorrow.

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