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Grown ass man assaulting a teenage girl over smoothie

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  1. Just overt anti-ccp stuff. Like hating them is fine or whatever it’s just that it feels preachy and silly. That’s why I say propaganda. I just don’t like it when someone is super leading with their statements even if I agree with it

  2. Propaganda is a word that has meaning and you are purposefully misusing it....I think you may be a member of the .50 cent army...I'm smelling a if you dont like his tone, then that is a real thing, but you don't get to redefine words because you feel like it. C-milk is truthful and accurate; so far the only one using propaganda here is Unless you can prove him wrong stop making up lies about him.

  3. You have barely any karma and you accuse me of being a bot? I’m not even upset. Yeah it’s a weird that has meaning. Unfortunately more than one meaning past your myopia

  4. Well you sound like a Tankie and you are using hyperbole to inflate your point, because you don't really have one. I'm sorry you are embarrassed you don't know what words mean, or how to form sentences that make sense. Propaganda isnt a criticism of how one delivers the material....Information doesnt become propaganda because its said with a different tone. Propaganda means

  5. Has anyone else besides me been where they are talking about, it's like a different planet. I love near Philly now and we have a place that looks scarier called Kensington, but I have never been somewhere more dangerous than Hunters Point

  6. I am fascinated by plastic surgery before and after photos in general and this group is interesting to me, but I never comment or try to contact people because on here because I'm engaged and that would be really gross and awful violation of what this group is for!

  7. I also googled others reviews. I simply cannot believe this garbage was nominated nevermind received awards. Wtf?! I was bullied, sadly you never forget, but you pray everyone else has forgotten.

  8. Oh man...I was bullied too, then I formed a metal band, got really good at a bunch of stuff; landed a bunch of girls out of my league and barely ever thought about it; why have you chosen to dwell on it so much?

  9. Seriously. This must be the most Boomer film I've ever seen. It's not at all about the victim, just the bullies' feelings. It's so incredibly unethical. The victim is bullied again by the film. Just disgraceful.

  10. Isnt referring to someone as a boomer, something they can't help a form of bullying. Why cant he just be an asshole? Thier are plenty of young assholes; Who make everything about themselves. How does discrimination against people based on their age fit into your enlightened morality? If you arent treating everyone as an individual; then you are part of the problem.

  11. So you think you are allowed to kill someone just because you think they are robbing you?

  12. Yes, you should be able to kill someone for robbing you. Play violent games will violent prizes!!!

  13. You can say it’s self defense, I would definitely agree with that point but your original comment implies you are ok with severe physical harm to a shop lifter. I think that is a bit much, that’s all.

  14. I think shoplifters should be beaten and smashed. If you are stealing from someone you are stealing thier time from them, forcing them to work for free to cover the costs of stealing. We should put every physically aggressive shoplifter in the hospital . If you are a stealing teenager who gives up, then you shouldn't be hurt, but if you are stealing and try to fight or need to get shashed!!!

  15. I hate the repeated topics, it really feels like I'm listening to the same thing again!!! They didnt used to do it so fucking clunky...I never remember that from the old days

  16. It's not alopecia she ruined her hair with braids, lots of black ladies I their 50's are bald from getting braids

  17. He said he was a "vessel of love" and talked about God throughout. His actions dont encapsulate all of that.

  18. God wants you to have an open relationship and hit everyone who makes you

  19. I wish redit would just let you fix typos...can you guys be muture about the fact I meant "Race Swapping" not

  20. I live in Pennsylvania, that's where C-milk and Serpentza live, we are in the same Time

  21. You should not be using your child for emotional comfort like that! That is damaging and selfish; my Mother did that to me and it really fucked me up. You are the parent, you comfort the child. How is she supposed to feel safe when she had a emotionally out of control mother. This is not how you deal with having BDP. Traumatizing other to make yourself feel better is off limits!

  22. They’re out there. It’s one of those “there are two types of people…” things.

  23. My girlfriend likes foreplay but most times she just wants me to climb on top of her like as soon as she is naked

  24. My god dude, I’m watching people play winter sports not commit genocide. Fucking relax

  25. To be fair you are watching both...both winter sports and a country that is committing genocide.

  26. me the video of other skaters doing that intentionally to trip other skaters, if that happens so much, show me other examples at the Olympics.

  27. You dont have a right to make someone else work for you for free!! Food is almost never the problem; almost all the famines are political in nature. The right to food really means you get to force someone to work for me...possibly against thier will. That's fucking slavery dude!!

  28. I have actually grown to hate Kate McKinnon for that reason now, most people let the show breathe before coming back to do occasional fun this like Tina and Maya, but she is overpowering the show in a gross obnoxious way now...I'm so sick of seeing her schill for verizon dressed in their corporate colors...I'm totally over her!!!

  29. I threw $2000 into Vale when it was at $11.50 , that cushioned all the times I tried getting cute while I traded stocks!

  30. That was the funniest part of that statement because when people aren’t racist they don’t say racist shit even when they are trying to insult someone. If I’m insulting someone I’ll insult everything I know about them except their race, religion, sexuality because it never comes to mind to use those as weapons lol. If that’s your go to insults, news flash you’re a bigot

  31. You never made fun of someone for being fat, bald, ugly, Are you really saying you've never insulted any part of anyone's physical appearance? I don't believe that

  32. I wish this logic could convince people to wear masks.

  33. Which kind if mask, the kind that doesnt work well, or the kind that don't work at Show us a picture of you wearing a properly fitted m95 mask and how many you bring with you a day. Those are the only ones that have ever actually worked. I'm a licensed CNA and no one is doing proper mask etiquette, if you touch your mask, you have to throw that mask away and wask your hands; otherwise it's just theater. It's like a cook wearing the same pair of gloves all day, what does that accomplish? What's it like to be so afraid, that you become delusional?

  34. Yes, because federal income tax is the only type of tax people pay. Excise, property, state income and sales taxes apparently don’t exist. Not every state has all of them, but unless you are homeless and don’t spend any money, everyone pays taxes.

  35. Lots of people recivee more money in tax subsidies for being a poor loser who had a bunch of kids with some asshole who abandoned them. They get paid from other taxpayers, what ever pittance they lay in taxes doesnt cover their cost. You arent paying taxes, if you are getting more out of the system then what you are paying in; you taking taxes from other people because.

  36. Adam never seems to consider the basic big picture concept of taxes. Where does he expect the money to come from if not from rich people? Money is needed for roads, police, city workers, teachers etc. This money has to come from somewhere. Poor people ( you know your employees whom you intend on giving subsistence wages to) Those are the other members of society. They don't have a bunch of excess money to give for taxes because rich people like you Adam get rich by having employees and then paying them as little as legally possible. These poor people need roads so they can get to work and have you pay them just enough to cover rent. Let's break this down into baby steps for Adam.

  37. You should like a child who is mad that their friend has an x-box and they don't. Adam deserves to be rich and you deserve that basement in your mom and stepdad house that you will live in forever!

  38. At least you got informed about Mike Lindells pillow offer and investing in gold

  39. Haha and dont forget about horrible podcast telenovelas and podcasts from the perspective of the criminal and why we should feel really sorry that they had to shoot someone...also just for laughs play the commercials a couple of times in a row, people LOVE that, we love the hear the same horrible commercial twice in a row. It definitely doesn't inspire madness and

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