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  1. In the defense of chains, I've never been screwed around by one. Mandatory breaks, benefits are the bare minimum, pay always on time, consistent hours too.

  2. I mean there's also guys like McLeod and Skinner for later draft picks that became impact players. And there's still time for Lavoie, Tullio, Petrov, etc. to make the NHL and become steals. I just wanted to highlight Desharnais because I love him.

  3. Petrov lead scoring in the O last season and this year he's currently 3rd for assists and tied for 5th in points. Still very high for a middle of the draft

  4. God I'll love if Bedard was a cocky little shit and scores 40 next year. I bet that will infinitely push McDavid into more greatness

  5. And wierd against the Metro. Only division with a losing record.

  6. I mean the metro is fantastic, if we're close to .500 we're great. We're at 6-7-3 wich is good for .468

  7. He was a +1 on the night with 16:17 played. Dude did great

  8. Didn't really notice him except for a couple hits and passes. I'm proud of our boy

  9. Tonight at 10:30 old white guy out of touch with Russia situation, quoted on saying "respect Russian hockey"

  10. It felt very disrespectful to basically complain that we won't get to see Russia in tournaments for a while, while Russian soldiers are killing Ukrainians based on the whims of an egomaniac. Felt like it really minimized what Ukrainians are going through

  11. I genuinely don't understand how Shannon is nearly 70 years old and is still a "respected" analyst. It's literally the old white guy whose put of touch

  12. I'd love to have that one massive ring they made for the one Ring

  13. Yeah and it's a shame the league doesn't allow general sales because I'm certain most organizations would donate the proceeds from those jerseys to their respective charities, similar to the HFC toque to the terry fox foundation

  14. To preface: I have gay friends and one of my closest co workers is gay as well. I just find that something essential is lost when something is mandated from up on high versus someone who is genuinely giving 100%. Take sick kids or make a wish photo ops. You see hundreds of hours of various sports teams walking into kids hospitals, put smiles on faces and then leave never to be seen again. Oilers nation can all agree that the interactions with Ben Stelter were different, they were genuine and from the heart. I think the message these pride nights are sending are good but if it's not genuine and from the heart it loses something. I'd rather see 1 person on the team wearing a pride jersey and truly mean it over a whole team throw it on, take a skate and forget about it.

  15. I can understand that, I think it's more about the issue of teams scrapping it altogether because of a couple guys not wanting to do it. It's like the bad apples thing, you're not helping out unless you point out who those bad apples are

  16. What a stupid fucking decision. They had to have seen all of the negative feedback from other teams backing out on Pride nights and they still do it. This team has had so many bad off ice issues/decisions and the team is absolute trash now too. Way to continue alienating your fans, you stupid fucks

  17. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if they do a massive rebrand over the next 5 years. Full shebang, new ownership, new logo, new colours new team

  18. I personally think it’s beautiful and not ugly, but Zach Hyman has a really unique stride when he does the Hebrew Hustle and goes tearing into the corners as fast as he can. He kinda looks like he’s running a marathon.

  19. He always starts out sideways and he gets a shit ton of grip. His edge strength must be massive

  20. Georgiev, Hill, Vanecek, Samsonov are all having fine seasons. Husso has fallen to .899 on a bad wings team. Have to imagine reimer would’ve been a cheap option to get out of San Jose and he’s been solid throughout his career until this year on a heinous sharks team.

  21. Samsonov was shit last year, Hill was in the minors, georgiev was shit last year, vanecek was a miss I admit, but Jersey got him through trade

  22. My point is that last years goalie signing was probably the most important FA of the Mcdavid era, and it has gone as bad as possible. It’s well documented that campbells contract was basically done a week before FA even opened. And it sure feels like the only thought that went into it was player A save% was better than player B save% this year so let’s get player A.

  23. In all likelihood you're correct, but the only thing we can do now is support Campbell as best we can and acknowledge that this right now is not his average and it's certainly not going to be steady.

  24. TBF F1 have much bigger platforms than the NHL do. Netflix deals was a huge improvement for NA but people in Spain have been talking about Alonso for 20+ years, fuck in Argentina we still talk about Fangio being the best driver and that was 80 years ago

  25. There is WBSC which governs baseball and softball, and they are considered a partner in this. I dont think they directly profit from it but I've read a fair portion of revenues makes it way to the participating federations. Last I read, the WBC is jointly owned by more than just MLB. NPB and others wouldnt participate if the financial stake was as lopsided as the Hockey World Cup was.

  26. That's fair, I doubt the KHL would partner up with the NHL but I can see a world where it's 50/50 between NHL/SHL, LIIGA, DHL and all the other smaller European leagues

  27. RNH is having a 1:1 season with Landeskog and they're both dollar store versions of Bergeron

  28. I think you could have just said the sens seem to always play them well, which they do. The rest probably has <1% chance of ever happening

  29. I think the only realistic teams to beat the Bruins are fast and loose teams without a whole lot of structure. Tampa, Avs, Oilers, Leafs, Sens and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few more teams. I think they work super well when they're facing against teams/coaches that conform a lot to their systems and don't budge in their ways, like say Kings or Islanders. They're quick at taking advantage of mistakes, rarely commit their own and their goalies are fantastic.

  30. I like to imagine that we are all in a race across a sandy beach.

  31. I'd say kraken deserves to be in that race too, took of at a faster pace than his cardio allows and is 50 meters from the finish line walking now hoping they regain their breath before the other teams catch up

  32. Might try to topple Sakic’s franchise record for goals in a season (54)

  33. That seems quite low considering the talent they have, but then again their worst years were arguably worse than the Oilers ones

  34. I'm not confident in us winning at Mullet arena so if we win tomorrow I can ignore that game and hopefully not lose at their barn.

  35. Oh shit you're right, I completely blanked on that game I thought we only played them twice this season. My b

  36. It was Campbell + Mrazek to start the year with no designated starter ..

  37. Campbell played nearly 50 games, those are starter amount of games...

  38. K play him more. See how that works out for you.

  39. Listen, I'm not saying this season is good, average or mediocre, it's downright horrible for him.

  40. Nearly PPG in 100+ games for UMass, seems like he'll be a solid tryout candidate

  41. I turned it off after I realized Mickey was voiced by someone other than Bill Hader.

  42. Do you need to reread my comment? Bill Hader is the one and only person to voice Mickey.

  43. Oh oops, definitely blanked on the other

  44. Nope. 2-3 sets a season. If you’ve ever held a team issued jersey, they are very beefy and durable.

  45. Man I wish I could buy one, couldn't do it this season.

  46. Man I wish I could buy one, couldn't do it this season.

  47. Ok so let's explain this from the start :

  48. You do know that mozzarella is milk + acid right?

  49. Rather milk + rennet, although it technically classifies as an acid indeed, the same way granite classifies as an acid.

  50. Most restaurant made mozzarella isn't rennet, hasn't been for a while. It's just citrate, much cheaper and it's indistinguishable.

  51. I see kulak being traded this off season probably for cap room. Probably him and ceci are going to be traded for cap space this off season.

  52. I think Ceci before Kulak, if we can rotate the second pairing with Nurse - Broberg/Desharnais to keep their minutes low on 7 D

  53. I think 1.5 is too high a barrier, that's only Bossy, Lemieux and Gretz. The 1.25 mark is a top 10 in league history which seems much more attainable and realistic.

  54. 3 out of 5 goals came from our blue line. Bouchard with an assist too

  55. Lmao someone put a hex on the Oilers, the amount of wide open net they didn't convert is wild

  56. Draisatl with like 3 clear cut chances

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