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  1. You get less sweaty biking than walking on summer days because you get more of breeze

  2. I don't think it's as much illegal as it is really stupid to say "lets sack the entire workforce of a time sensitive industry so we can embark on a years long upgrade of our facilities with no cash flow because we can't handle the incoming ships"

  3. It is illegal (at least in many cases). You often literally cannot permanently replace striking workers without getting smacked by the NLRB. Recall the Kellog's strikes from a year or so ago. Kellog's had their plants running on people hired to replace the striking workers, but these replacements could not be hired permanently.

  4. Nothing makes me feel smug like living in a walkable American suburb😎

  5. Those who knew of an era where corporations, let alone the general public, never catered to LGBT people rolled their eyes at those of you bitching about Pride Month "rainbow capitalism" for a reason.

  6. If you don't like a company's attempt to appeal to you just don't buy their stuff lol.

  7. The headline and subheading were too long to include together so I used half of each.

  8. I don't have the data set, so it's hard to know exactly what this means. What we do know is that borrowers are higher income than the median American and generally have fewer kids. I'd like to see the data, but that 8% could definitely be worse than a comparable cohort.

  9. Edited my comment to include what I believe is the paper the article is based on. Here is their description of the data they used.

  10. I mean how is that a finding rather than just a description of what a payment freeze is - as in you don’t pay and don’t default as a result?

  11. It would be reasonable to believe that suspending student debt payments would make people less likely to default on other forms of debt because they have fewer debt payments to split their money between. The paper however found no such effect.

  12. Citing the American Petroleum Institute as a "small business association" is an interesting move

  13. This subreddit supports a land value tax, which is just a lump sum transfer from current landowners (the full incidence falls on current landowners as land prices fall to reflect the tax for all eternity). A policy of expropriating landowners is not different in any meaningful sense.

  14. There is no difference between hating scabs and thinking that unionization should fully expropiate a company from those who own it.

  15. It is pretty easy to see what value a stay-at-home mom contributes. Just look at how much my wife took in the divorce when she left me. 😔

  16. The Soviet Union sentenced NEETs to 5 years of forced labor yet it is supposedly America which is too mean to the NEETs? 🤔

  17. The title is really click baity. Turns out it's because there's higher turnover in Red States due to less labor protections and a smaller safety net.

  18. If it is pushing people toward working in more productive parts of the economy that is still a very good thing.

  19. tbf, feudal enclaves are basically the expected/desired end goal of "free market capitalism" for a lot of people. The only thing that matters to them is they're supposed to be the ones on top, as illustrated in this post and many others

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