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  1. There are 2 ps4 Spider-Man'in there and I'm pretty sure the remastered one was the anomaly

  2. I don’t want a war of who’s the “best” Hispanic Spider-Man since both are equally important and amazing.

  3. "I know this is a meme but can we not meme" -This guy for some reason

  4. And a not so fun fact if you throw a propane tank under a card reader and use the disposable scrambler you will explode

  5. I'm no mirror expert, but wouldn't you notice your reflection well in advance before you hit it ?

  6. Keaton-killed Jokers men in the chemical plant, Joker himself and penguins henchmen in returns

  7. On the surface, you’re right because it’s easier to say that. But It’s not FROM your mom. It’s from the progenitor of your bloodline. You got it because of your mother who inherited the trait that has been passed down through generations. If you have the Sharingan, it is because you’re a descendant of Indra. If you have the byakugan, it is because you’re a descendant of Kaguya. The progenitor passes down the trait and is inherited from generation to generation.

  8. Grey is a clone, all of them are clones. We don’t know what Grey did to himself to allow growing of hair or if he didn’t have the same injections 47 and the other clones had.

  9. Bruce Timm needs a leash when it comes to his ships because the Barbara and Bruce scene was very unnecessary just like Harley and Nightwing in the other movie he was involved in

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