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  1. I miss having friends like this. Dude seems like a chill person to be a homie with.

  2. He is indeed. Binge watched the whole show so we could watch the movie together within like 4 days

  3. Unpopular opinion: I think Voyd II is an overhyped album. As far as creativity and being artistic, there's no disputing that its off the charts, very unique and fits his vibe. However, in terms of actually like jamming out to it and being able to dance/headbang/whatever you want to it, I didn't think it was that great. That being said, very interested to see him do a set sometime in the near future, I can only imagine that he's probably going to start a headline tour sometime soon, and I'm sure a lot of these tracks will hit very different in a live setting.

  4. Yeah I think even for those that aren't in love with the album as a stand alone listening experience/dancing would still love his live shows

  5. I saw them last tour and it's a great fit for anyone. She songs are heavy but for the set I saw it was primarily up beat feel good stuff. I'd imagine your friends would have a good time. Which show are you going to in April?

  6. Oh nice well if you're going to the one @ Elektricity I'll see ya there!

  7. This post made my day lol I think this should be at least high up on the list of important issues to address

  8. That little room in the beginning of outlast 2 where they would sacrifice babies and you walk over all the dead baby’s bodies and it even makes little crunching sounds

  9. I personally really enjoyed The Silent Girl by Eric Rickstad. As well as Kill the Father by Sandrine Dazieri

  10. Neverwhere Neil Gaiman and The Stand Stephen King

  11. This was in Pontiac, Michigan at Elektricity nightclub

  12. Just read the description and I'm sold! Definitely what I was looking for! Thank you! Added.

  13. It's so good! One of my favorites from last year. I think it was last year. What is time anymore?

  14. Honestly I have no idea anymore lol. Now that my semester is wrapped up for the year in going to have zero concept of what day it is

  15. Recently had a falling out with my father. He told me that him and his fiance hate my mother and that everything I did and said was being manipulated by her. He could never believe anything I said or did was me. He ended up asking me "What's in it for me?" In regards to our relationship.

  16. Huh. I thought it was a nice new addition in the oversaturated EDM scene which would encourage some more experimentation by other producers.

  17. I was hoping that his new work would be a nice new addition to the EDM scene. As he has often produced something unique in the scene, I found this time it was pulled away from EDM and it's more instrumental and pop with a light EDM influence. But at the end of the day I always support artists moving to new sounds even if they aren't for me in the end. Kinda like MUSE whose each album is a new direction for them.

  18. Lol your review couldn’t of been more spot on

  19. Thanks, this one just wasn't for me but I'm glad some people are enjoying it still!

  20. The processed porter vocal are overstayed. Most songs are just long interludes. The number of full songs vs interludes should be flipped. I genuinely can't help but roll my eyes everytime I hear the vocals that are used in a majority of the songs. I will admit a few moments in some songs have some beautifully composed sections of piano. As well lots of the samples used are very good and high quality.

  21. I literally enjoy it for all the reasons you don't like it hahah it's very peaceful to have the songs play off and ramble a bit in my opinion

  22. And that's the beautiful thing about music, it caters something to everyone in a different way! I'm glad that you enjoyed the Album!

  23. I've worked in tech support in person for about 4 years now and I'm about to transition to over the phone I always find your content extremely relatable lol

  24. Fucking fantastic! Thank u for sharing :) You're On by Madeon is a 10/10 song. Love it

  25. I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I go back and watch it all the time and thought others might like to as well!

  26. Super cool video!!! Love it. This is one of my top 5 favorite shows I’ve been to. So much fun and fantastic music.

  27. Oh I absolutely agree!! Ok of the best for me as well next to the shelter tour!!

  28. this is so cool! wonder if anyone makes lens attachments for this

  29. Yeah that would be awesome, I'm sure they probably do or it wouldn't be to hard to make

  30. And then there is me who works in Canada and we don't have appointments it's just show up whenever you want make a fat line and compassion about the wait

  31. This is way better than it has any business being

  32. Kinda reminds me of that one boss fight from Devil May Cry 4 with Dante when he 1 inch punches that massive wall. Don't know if that is a all relevant bit that was my first thought lol

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