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  1. People are debating but for now we don't even know if Sarada or Sumire or anyone whos not Boruto or Kawaki is going to be alive in the timeskip...

  2. Honestly i wasn't prepared for this and it's literally the best way for the story to makes him loose everything. It was ingenious and unexpected, i am honest i liked it! I just hope the rest of the manga will be so good

  3. Sarada is not interesting, she’s a rehash of themes from Naruto. She has nothing new to offer.

  4. I like both and in some fillers Inojin was useful like his fight against Hoki in Chunnin exam, but he got so sidelined since a lot if time that i don't remember the last time he fought someone. In terms of power i would pick inojin, in terms of relevance i take Ino.

  5. I went back and looked at a lot of manga panels and cover and this is what I’ve observed:

  6. Kind of, right ? I mean, I’m not judging someone’s drawing style or preference in clothing but… feels very weird from time to time. Sarada in her heels and recently her pose on the cover of the latest chapter really got me thinking about this as well.

  7. Ikemoto is such a...... Before it was Sarada and Sumire, now it also adds Boruto. I am wondering who will be the next victim of this "unappropriated drawing for 12 years old"..... Mitsuki maybe?

  8. It's very hard, the two have almost the same powers and personality, and have enjoyable fights and screen time. Choji in part 1 was fire when he went to bring Sasuke and his friendship with Shikamaru and Naruto is so great, but i think i will go with Chocho. I don't know why but she is having this thing in + that make her a unique new gen character. Besides Sarada, Himawari and Tsubaki, she's one of my favorite new gen girl.

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