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  1. Mango sticky rice. Thanks for hosting & happy birthday! :)

  2. -CLOSED- Celeste is here if anyone wants to come through :) will only be open for a bit

  3. I have an R2M if you're interested. Primary difference is framelines and that's pretty much it.

  4. Why would anyone downvote this?! SO generous, tysm for hosting! I have a 3 yr old westie named Ahri (if you play league of legends she's named after a champ bc of her ears) here's a pic 🥰

  5. I haven't! But I signed off for the night :( will you be able tomorrow? I can give you bells or something off your wishlist!

  6. Oh of course! Just send me a chat tomorrow when you get on and we'll work out a timing from there? And oh nooo please dont give me anything for it, just happy to help :)

  7. Hi sorry I stepped out for a bit, no he hasn't! Would you like him :)

  8. Thanks for hosting :) Interested in purple pansy crown, cosmo crown & dark cosmo crown. Edit: open to any really if these are taken bc I only have 3 crowns lol

  9. hi! mind looking at the list right now and telling me which you want? :) i only have the dark cosmo from the ones you told me!

  10. Aww sorry :( if you'd like, I can purchase the crown/shirt & drop if off for ya later :)

  11. Ables selling Royal Crown & Royal Shirt. Small giveaway out front & Leif is also here. Please comment if interested. No DMs.

  12. I’ll trade you both for the 40 nmt’s. Happy to help finish a museum.

  13. I've already caught the bugs, but just wanted to say you're the real MVP

  14. Don't need the flowers, but the stairs to your house are DOPE. Do you have a code?!

  15. the stairs/steps are from the customization feature from tom nook! :)

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