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  1. Rainbow Dean, Duncan, Brom Matthew and irma.. yeah got my attention but not in a good way šŸ˜…šŸ˜†

  2. Can be changed to others without much effort, if you knew the game well, you would know that

  3. You can't change heroes that are ascended that far. You clearly don't play the game, or you would know that ...and know that this is not a sellable account, you're not supposed to sell your account, no one cares about the mines level, you have exactly zero 5 skilled heroes usable, 1k diamonds? lol ... you didn't even post your backpack contents or your shards or anything of interest.

  4. Ha ha, small things amuse small minds. Have you never heard of the reset , disassemble and revert options. Some of which allow you to regain shards used or regain mementos to level up the ones you want. Stop getting others to do things for you and read instruction you might learn something. At a certain lvl, you can't wind them back, that's true, but you can retrieve mementos used to lvl up others

  5. S6 you won't have missed anything Zone 4 Vip 10 Fortress lvl 28, very close to 29 only Iron and stone needed

  6. Sorry to say, but those heroes will get beat up easily so late in seasons. High memento levels only go so far against advanced elites, and you don't have any adv elites at myth levels. High fortress level doesn't mean a lot when your lineups are not strong.

  7. It's not as entertaining as it once was, too many changes,

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