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  1. No, but as a Jew, I was once asked if it’s really true that Jews are born with tails and they’re cut off at birth.

  2. You might have better luck on Twitter. As far as I know, they don't really look here, but Tyler (I think) is very occasionally active on the TØP Twitter account, liking & retweeting fans' tweets (I don't know if he replies).

  3. There's lots of fan-made wallpapers floating around this sub, if you're able to find them. Some really good stuff.

  4. Here's the article, too, for anyone who wants to read more about it. (Video is embedded, so you won't have to go back to YouTube to see it.)

  5. Also, who knew they had a cat? I love tortoiseshell kitties. I thought she looks like she might be sort of old for a cat. And a little annoyed at all these strangers traipsing through her house. 😁

  6. my dream is to have a house as half as cool as josh and debby's when I'm older

  7. That's so wonderful for you! When I saw about the changes, I thought: What a fantastic surprise for the South American fans! I hope you have a great time that day.

  8. it’s just….. very strange like what makes a Japanese translation any better than an English one

  9. Lots of people get tattoos (or buy shirts or whatever) in Chinese or Japanese because it looks cool to them, even if they're not able to read the characters themselves.

  10. I'm glad it helped! That's an awful thing to have done five times, holy cow! I hope your recovery is fast and easy, and may you never have a single dental problem again.

  11. I’m working on a deck! Please let me know if you’re interested!

  12. They are better in shows, you don’t have to go to them. You can watch their full concert, opening act an all on YouTube. Gives a really good sense, feels like you’re there. You get to see that his creativity is free when he’s playing shows. He screams a lot more, they have amazing visuals and include the crowd. All of that is great, but they show their appreciation, they are so humble to be where they are and to have their fans. They truly show it.

  13. YouTube is how I first saw their live shows. I'm grateful for people recording & uploading them. It allows me to watch old tours & past shows from before I became a fan too.

  14. I wanna go so bad and funny enough. I really wanna hear trees live but that’s at the end and that makes me sad lmao

  15. Same. When I went to my first show, my spouse took me but he's not as big a fan as I am, and when I realized they were beginning the Trees part of the show (Tyler at the keyboard and talking a little while before actually starting the song), he asked me why I was tearing up, and I told him it was the last song.

  16. Did anyone see the Jesus Jim near the beginning of the video? Lmfao it made me laugh so hard!

  17. I was coming here to post this too. 😄

  18. I love older cats. My two cats are FIV+ too. (After the first one I specifically looked for another FIV+ kitty for our next adoption.) They've both been pretty healthy in the 5 or 6 yrs they've lived with us, aside from a couple of mild respiratory viruses or (one of them) a UTI. Shelters have told me that adult cats and FIV+ cats are relatively harder to find families for, but that FIV doesn't always mean lots of health problems. Wishing you and your sweet fellow a long & healthy life together!

  19. You're not a real fan unless you're one of the gatekeeping fans.

  20. Really hard to tell, I definetly didn't dislike a single one.

  21. I enjoyed the Sylvanas book. Ignoring the whole Jailer mess, I liked having more of her history, her relationships in her family and how she met Nathanos, and the origins of the Forsaken.

  22. Middle of photo, below the light-grey boulder. The cat is sideways. You can see the white tips of the ears the easiest; the body blends super well.

  23. I think maybe I see him ... facing left, not looking at you?

  24. It’s at the end of the TB Saga, a song Tyler sang with high school friends, and right when the song ends they start joking and messing around and making noises before the recording is turned off. One of the friends says this line of the 2 black guys at a bar before the others shush him

  25. Oh wow. 😳 I haven't heard that song, I didn't know about that. That's ... uncomfortable. I hope Tyler & Josh aren't okay with it. Though I wonder why they didn't remove that part.

  26. The song is a clique fan favorite, stands for “Taco Bell Saga”; it’s like a Bohemian Rhapsody of covers in honor of Taco Bell. It’s fantastic. Tyler sang it when he was like 17 in 2008 with other friends before tøp even began. His collection of high school music is on an album called No Phun Intended that you can find on YouTube, and it’s all music he recorded in his basement with minimal equipment for fun.

  27. Ah, ok, good. Thanks for the context. I see people here refer to it all the time, I've just never listened to it (or any of NPI, really) myself. I figured I will eventually; it's just the obnoxious teen boys thing I get from when people quote it never made me feel like it was something I needed to hear immediately. 😄

  28. I'd love to see the final product!

  29. I'm hoping for it too, but I won't start panicking until December.

  30. I haven't watched many reactors, but I like Knox Hill. He often mentions insights that hadn't occurred to me (like "up, down, and sideways" making the sign of the cross), and I enjoy that.

  31. I love this! It makes me happy to look at it.

  32. I thought it was any song. Sorry

  33. Eh, I think every TØP song has been used already anyway.

  34. Need to re-evaluate your diet!

  35. I had no idea there was a game

  36. I enjoyed it too, and I'm looking forward to more. I signed up for the Crunchyroll free trial just for that, even though we really don't want another streaming subscription; but today I found out it's on Hulu, too, which we already had, so yay!!

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