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  1. No one is scared of death completely, people who claim to be are really scared of losing the things here on earth they value. What I am trying to say isn't religious, its factual. I am not religious but, I was raised in a christian church. They are not scared because they believe if they die they go up to heaven and have the best afterlife, it gives them a sense of security.

  2. Posting an AskReddit question titled, 'What screams "I have a small dick"?'

  3. If I could solve the world's problems, every one of them, and sleep with your mom for a week. Hell yes

  4. Chester Bennington. I looked up to him, he was the lead singer of my favorite rock band. And I wasn't really sad, I was angry, he had so many fans, amazing friends, a family, money, and talent, and he just threw it all away. He had everything I wanted and didn't see its value.

  5. So, my sister had a college roommate, adopted from southeast Europe. She was and is a sl*t, she was always sleeping with guys and tried to sleep with me when I was underage. But, she told my sister one day, that when she is home, she has sex with all, I mean ALL, of her adopted brothers. And there are about five on them.

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