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  1. I like the idea of making Master Chief a Mad Max type of character, where he’s not the focus of the story, but a legendary hero who stops by to help, then continues on his way when it’s all over

  2. $7 for a helmet, helmet attachment, shoulders and a chest piece. Not bad.

  3. Compared to $10 for the battle pass. These prices are still horrendous.

  4. This feels like an actual game. Reminds me in particular of this game on PC in the 90s called Gizmos and Gadgets. Great work.

  5. I played that as a kid!! Now that you mention it I definitely see the resemblance haha

  6. Definitely look like rocks! However, I would remove the highlights that look like exclamation points, it makes them look shiny (unless that's what you're going for)

  7. Does anyone know what type of Spartans these are? 2, 3, 4?

  8. I work in a hospital and encountered a patient that was paralyzed after a stroke. He could only communicate through eye movements, couldn’t even turn his head, or cough to clear his throat. He’s still fully conscious and aware of his surroundings, but a prisoner in his own body. Nobody deserves that.

  9. It’s absolutely fantastic and great for starting out. Not too complex and very intuitive. The string spiccatos are just chefs kiss The only thing it can’t do is fast legato with strings. Each legato note has a slow attack and sounds weird if you try to do any sort of quick melody

  10. I’m pushing 30 and I just can’t compete with these 14 year olds in competitive multiplayer lol Also it’s difficult to find modern multiplayer games where you can still have fun even if you lose. Most of these games it feels like you’re just getting steamrolled over and over again and there’s nothing you can do about it

  11. There’s an overall deficit of songwriting skills, but I also want to bring up the point of modern metal mixing. It seems all these bands flock to the same 2-3 mixing engineers, with these super loud productions and compressed dynamics. You can’t hear the riffs, the drums are barely audible, you can’t make out the fine details in the orchestra. All the excitement is squashed out

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