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  1. We have his pots, pans, and knives. They've been awesome! Much better quality than we've had in the past. We've been impressed.

  2. Is the Zermatt still around? That made a good retreat for our company a few years ago.

  3. This! It's not enough for leadership to be there. YOU need to be there.

  4. I used Monday, which was amazing. But my new company won't pay for it, so I use Artful Agenda and Full Focus Planner. But I've heard really good things about Notion too.

  5. I turned it off to listen to later when I’m doing something tricky so it’ll be background noise that I can easily tune in and out to

  6. Pornography. I don't want to shame my son for its use, but I also don't love it and am worried about the affect it will have on him.

  7. Even when I was active, I stopped going to church on Mother's Day. It was always the absolute worst.

  8. Mirena fucked my body up for a very long time. I would not recommend. Depo provera was also terrible.

  9. Oh no! Really?! What happened? I just got Mirena.

  10. I didn't get a period for the 10 years even though I alternated bc methods, I think it contributed to the 100lb weight gain, depression and anxiety, it was just terrible. Plus I think it moved and it hurt so so so bad in the worst way. I had to get it removed 2x and I didn't get anything to help with the pain.

  11. Yikes!! I've had mine for almost 4 weeks and the cramps are still super intense every day. Maybe I need to consider having it removed permanently....

  12. I have used BambooHR and find it the most intuitive and customizable. Happy to chat.

  13. Don’t fight back, fight forward.

  14. Thanks for reminding me how much I don’t miss ER!

  15. What do you do now? I'd love to get out of ER! (I'm currently a BP)

  16. Are you a member of SHRM? They have a great one you can download to get a head start.

  17. What industry? I'm working on this at my company as well. If you want to DM me your email, I can send you what I'm working on.

  18. The Love Hypothesis, The Hating Game, Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

  19. Thank you! I've read The Love Hypothesis, but haven't heard of the other ones. I'll check them out.

  20. What an excellent question. I loved Book Lovers. Did you already read Beach Read by Emily Henry?

  21. I have read Beach Read. I really enjoyed it, but Book Lovers is my favorite of her books so far. :) I'll check out Younger, it sounds fun!

  22. You have the most gorgeous curls!

  23. Hadestown is a must-see. Even if you've heard the music, the stage production gives it more power

  24. Our company grants extra vacation time after so many years. It's also important to do a comp analysis and ensure you're keeping high-performers at or above market rate.

  25. I assume it's only 18 American dollars?

  26. For me the “Toy box Killer” and the Leonard Lake/ Charles Ng episodes were really disturbing and hard to listen to.

  27. Toybox Killer was so rough. I had nightmares and can't bring myself to relisten to it. Leonard Lake and Charles Ng is one of my favorites because of Henry's characters, but the story itself is really rough.

  28. Mormonism, followed by Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

  29. He's so cute! Your paint job is amazing. I love the dimension you were able to give him.

  30. BambooHR would probably be affordable and give you all this.

  31. I agree. Bamboo is simple and customizable. Highly recommend for your situation, OP.

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