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  1. Interesting, so reduced ability to hear would dampen other senses? That's a shame, I was really hoping it would be a good way to allow the crowd to go really crazy, drumming and the sort. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

  2. Would often pretend to not be hungry and leave food on my plate because I knew mum would eat whatever was left and it was likely the only thing we'd eat that day

  3. Absolutely, had a scare a few years back myself, thought these guys were going to start messing with mine. Turned out it was just a bunch of mates playing a game of baseball.

  4. Somebody had their 8 pack of choc ices this morning!

  5. I would literally put every single item into the bin or give it away, except for the teabags. That is a shanty hamper.

  6. Facebook do, or at least they used to, outsource their moderation of images and videos to the Philipines where workers had to view and review every single reported image. They'd work through thousands a day at great speed with horrific things flashing before their eyes. Needless to say they had a massive issue with staff suicide. It's truly a tragedy. I hope in the future AI can do this sort of work.

  7. I got one of these whilst on Thameslink; read the note when they'd gone - your standard "I am very poor, please buy" - just left it and looked out the window the rest of the way and by the time I'd gotten to my stop, it had vanished.

  8. I'm always impressed that they are able to afford a printer and often laminate the supplementary card given how poor they are

  9. Stuart battered Shaun's buffet eating record the day after he got his gut shrunk, to make it worse he ordered Shaun half a dozen pizzas to his house and didn't pay upfront

  10. Fantastic, would be fun to press that button whilst opponent is down on the shot as a bitter way to concede

  11. The main question is how has Luca not practised with it before? It's like it was given to him by Leo Scullion from the lost property box because Luca forgot his kit.

  12. Yeah it's odd, or he should be using a smaller knot, slimmer tie etc. Wonder what he thought Leo could do for him in that scenario...

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