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  1. That's actually an easy one. Brienne fighting Shagwell and that other Joe.

  2. Never repaired a station a single time in my life. I just stopped playing after they introduced this.

  3. Well the most obvious one is people threatening mod authors for not updating or porting their mods. That's just stupid and childish. It often ends with them removing their mods. Why should they give people free entertainment if it's not appreciated?

  4. Ah yes. Legendary threatening people for not updating the mods. Always talked about but never actually seen. Like aliens. Unlike hatefest that happen every time someone dares to upload mod without backward compatibility for some obscure early 2021 version

  5. Apparently you haven't tried updating to anniversary edition and looked in any of the posts on broken mods

  6. I'm always on the most recent version. Never downgrade. Never back down.

  7. It's pretty weird that they took this peace offer from Alicent and made it reverse. In books it was Alicent who was trying to marry Rhaenyra and Aegon but Viserys was like "nah, they don't like each other" and refused this perfectly reasonable solution.

  8. When Renly appeared in Season 2 and he had brown hair. I mean: Baratheon hair colour is BIG plotline, both in the books and season 1. Creating non-blackhaired Baratheons literally means that Joffrey was rightful king and Ned was indeed a traitor. The implications of this mistake are massive and all it would take for them to notice this issue was to, well, watch their own fucking show before filming next season. War over this very issue is the main plot of seasons 2 and 3.

  9. The 2 blonde people also had 4 blonde parents though.

  10. Laenor's mom had Baratheon Black hair. It is a later addition tho, so it was definitely not something Martin had in mind when he wrote Strongboys.

  11. Jaime sleeping and leaving Brienne is probably in the list of the only moments that Matin would include. All it lacked was Jaime saying "I promised Cersei I will protect her. And I'm not oathbreaker"

  12. Well to be fair Syrax was very unexperienced dragon and not battle-tested at all. Martin was really sneaky about that fact, but Rhaenyra never actually went into battle. She was weak after giving a birth. She arrived in Red Keep once other riders have pacified defenders. She was sure that dragons can handle the mob. There were always excuses. And just as Rhaenyra never went into fighting, Syrax never went into fighting. Given the fact that at this point dragons were kept in Dragon Pit she probably never even hunted for food. There was never a need to fly when she roasted ox that was led into Dragon Pit. Why would it be any different with these smallfolk?

  13. Fact that people think maesters would write Green-sided history is honestly baffling.

  14. No wait, there was green sides propaganda. I think it's in a blog where GRRM talks about the sides of the different sources. For example, Septon Eustace is on the green sides and his writing is simply he writing down stuff while they are happening, while Maester Munkun writes his "book" while he is imprisoned by the blacks so he paints a more favorable vision of Rhaenyra.

  15. Yeah, there are two black sources and one green. That's hardly pro-Green bias.

  16. I still can't process the fact that Greymoor Keep isn't under Greymoor.

  17. I think we should stick to the lore and keep them as they are portrayed now, by which i mean their look in Skyrim.

  18. The thing is: we don't have any detailed account of the Robert's Rebellion. Martin only describes stories of it, when the main asoiaf plot needs them. Thus they are really scattered around. Battle of the Bells was first mentioned in ASOS. Ashford was mentioned in ASOS to give us measure of a man Mace Tyrell is. We get Summerhal to show us difference between Stannis and Robert in their ability to turn their foes into friends. It's not like it's a complete detailed timeline. Far from it. We don't even know the allegiance of 95% of houses.

  19. Depends how big army Martin would need. Remember that time when we suddenly got 3000 men from Mountain Clans?

  20. What if their words are literally spoiler. Hundred generations of Daynes are wondering why their house's motto is "It was Time-Traveling Bran"

  21. Honestly, i don't blame them. In fact, vanilla was so full of Bosmer (3,5 zone for christ's sake) that i have more than enough of them.

  22. I love when PvP players get nerfed. Good riddance.

  23. Shireen is too young for Ned to consider marrying Robb to her.

  24. An unwillingness to embrace the cathedral modding philosophy.

  25. How many patreon exclusive and discord exclusive mods are there? I can't even name any. Most of them are just "sexy anime girl follower no.2137" that no sane man would even want to download, let alone pay for them.

  26. Temporarily, for testing. Hardly a thing that is "limitation holding modding scene back"

  27. WICO, but it's so compatibility heavy that i don't know if i should recommend it. I'm using it but sometimes i regret it.

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