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  1. My Diamond team was an overlevelled Infernape, Staraptor, Machoke (didn’t know about trade evos), Dialga, Luxray and a Gyarados (with one being subbed out for a HM slave Bibarel as and when needed)

  2. Does anyone know how to increase the level 100 cap in Platinum? I know there was an xdelta patch posted on here a year or so ago that sets it to level 255, but it doesn’t work with Renegade Platinum.

  3. General PSA to follow @petermolydeux on Twitter. It's a bot(?) that posts ridiculous and wonderful game pitches.

  4. I’d make it into one myself, but it’s not actually functional as a weapon! Someone smarter than me would have to adjust the helpers of the mesh to make it functional

  5. Also, join the modders guild discord.

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