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  1. I liked the campaign but I will say the graves “Boss fight” should have been a better dramatic death for him instead throwing c4 on a tank. I also feel like one of the mission shouldn’t have been a mission ( for example the hindsight mission and the first mission) that could have been cutscene instead. Everyone saying that they hated the armored guys, but for me it wasn’t really a problem as long if u hit your headshots. If I was to give a rating out of 10 it would be at least a 8 for me.

  2. I agree in the graves boss fight. I felt like spending all that time chasing him down that it'll at least end in us shooting him like we do for Hassan. But as others mention it could be him still alive later on.

  3. Ya I experienced same thing on launch day and surprisingly what worked for me was to turn off my console then turn it back on. In the end I was able to play. Maybe that helps for you. Fingers crossed.

  4. See a part of me wanted to do this at many times but I just kept telling myself to play the mission as it should be played or whatever Price wanted me to do which was to be Stealthy and not get caught. Overall, nicely done and props! This mission took me hours in Veteran lol.

  5. What the heck! This is actually a very sick setup! 10/10. Thanks for sharing and hope Campaign was fun for you as it was for me!

  6. I just finished Veteran today and yes it was surely something. Patience is key in this mode no doubt. Some missions literally took me an hour or more to finally complete it which led me to need long breaks before playing again. In the end its all about recognizing after multiple deaths just where the enemies are gonna pop out and be. Using flash bangs will be your life saver and checkpoints are like the greatest feeling to see when they pop up in your screen lol. My recommendation Is to not play Campaign if your already burnt out, play it when your ready to know youll die a lot and spend some hours for one mission. Overall fun and satisfying campaign! :)

  7. If you get stuck in a checkpoint spot that screws you with what u got left to use, sometimes u just got to replay it from the beginning and plan ahead. Especially on harder difficulties. I only played it on hardened. I didn’t want enemies to be complete bots, but I also didn’t wanna tare my hair out in every mission. It gets boring having to retry the same missions over and over. It goes from being an amazing cool mission to despising each mission.

  8. Thats a interesting perspective you mentioned, I personally always enter the Veteran mode on trying to do everything perfect or like how it'd be in real life. So when id die, it was like a fun challenge on how to do the mission perfectly and where to position myself etc. I paid the price in the end though, took me 3 days to finally beat it, but I knew after each mission I was gonna need long breaks before hopping back into the game lol. Cheers!

  9. Yeah it’s just learning spawns and patterns. The Graves mission was a fucking ballache though

  10. YES! That graves mission was brutal especially the Tank part. I can't tell you how much I had to chase that tank down and hope it wouldnt blow me up. I luckily ended up throwing my last two C4s fast before the enemies would reach me and it then skipped to cutscene I was like LEETS GOOO! lol

  11. This scene gave me goosebumps, the moment that text is replied with the music synched it, just CHILLLLLLS all over the place. Can't wait!

  12. The “alone” mission and the final mission are gong to be a fucking absolute ball ache on realism.

  13. I started playing in Veteran. There was honestly several missions that took me hours to finally finish. Those two you mentioned were part of it. After completing a mission or missions I needed a long break to play again. I didnt want to play burnt out. In the end it took me 3 days to finally beat the Campaign, very fun overall lol.

  14. Thank you for reaffirming everything I was already thinking! At the end of the day, I am a huge believer in whatever will be will be, so if nothing comes of it, then I know and can just leave it in the past. I think it's a good thing for women to be bold and make the move, and the confidence I felt when he accepted my number was a good feeling. Like I said, it's not something I do often as I don't want to just be handing out my number to any guy- there needs to be something that makes me want to make that move! Yes, your comment was helpful, thanks very much :)

  15. The world needs more ppl like you! And it IS a good thing for women to be bold and just make the move or break the norms of what society expects, I couldn't agree more! I hope it all turns out the way you want and if it doesn't it'll be his loss in the end. Keep being you and following your heart! Take care!

  16. You're so sweet, thanks so much! I'll try to remember to come back and update the post next Friday (if you hear from me before then, it'll mean he's been in touch XD )

  17. I wouldnt think much about it, probably she didn't mention it because it would have been very out of the blue and be suspicious if she brought it up out of nowhere but ironically it ended up tht way either way lol. Ill say this, she said she didn't want you to meet him so she can get the gist of things from long time not seeing each other right? so next time there shouldn't be any excuse for her to stall you from meeting him. Id say if anything go with the flow, the next time she brings this friend up dont invite yourself just see what she says about it, and hopefully she invites you. If not then ya see what she says about it. Overall, its good you showed her your friends but also it may be different for her and she just may need more time before doing so comfortably. But hopefully she keeps her word. Like I said she probably didn't mention the "crush" part because it of the moment or it being out of the blue but also if it was never a thing why so you know? At that point it can come out of her trying to just push your buttons etc. But ya hope this helped somewhat. I wouldnt think much of it right now.

  18. I dont think there's anything really wrong that you did. Best I can advise is that you continue just being you. Remember your in a relationship with your BF not his friends so in the end as long as your being your true self when hanging out with his friends then thats all that matters. Of course in the end its important that your Boyfriend hopefully doesn't make you feel left out or not included so I hope that doesn't happen. What's important is that your boyfriend is including you and in the end if the friends dont click with you after you knowing very well that you didn't do anything wrong or are putting more effort in knowing them then you then dont worry to much about it or beat yourself up for it. In the end if the friends wanna be cold with you thats there problem, but dont let it change your character or who you are and If they aint making effort then you shouldn't either. Like I said only focus on your relationship, be true to who you are and if friends stay cold with you then its on them, continue saying hi to them and everything but if there's no effort on there part then no need to force it, thats there choice. Just go with the flow and hopefully your boyfriend makes you feel included at the very least and not left out, cause that would be bad. Hope this helped! Sorry if I repeat myself a lot lol idk why.

  19. I dont think your being oversensitive because him saying or already coming to a conclusion that thats the limit and it'll transition when you both get married etc is not really a positive thing to hear and ya id be pissed also cause its like he gave up already in growing the relationship. I think best I can advise here is if your giving it your all in the relationship, and putting the effort than there shouldn't be anything to worry about or beat yourself up for. Just be you. Now if your doing everything and still feel like he's not accepting of it or content then its not really your fault at all, just probably the relationship not aligning to your guys's interests and desires from one another. So id just reflect on that and also if your concerns are fair/valid or not and if his are or not, if that makes sense. Hope this helps!

  20. I dont get why ppl are like tbh. It can be frustrating but its probably him thinking he's older and thats why he acts that way. Plus it can be just a character he plays only at work since around ppl, so if you can probably converse with him when its just you two or something or no one around see how he acts. Hope this helps

  21. Sorry for what your going through. Have you told your parents about everything your going through and have experienced? In my opinion ironically as they think it'll be better for you to stay I think it'll do the opposite and leave you traumatized and future problems in the long run. That's why I think its important that you and your parents can agree or find a solution.

  22. I mean if it feels like you have to clarify things to him and for you to stand your ground for him to not get a horrible impression of you then id bring up the topic and tell him about it just so you can feel more at peace. Overall it depends if its something you feel like is still worth mentioning. In the end it seems like the conversations you have with him tend to be like a loop and sorta like a roller coaster of emotions that tend to be brought up again and again and feeling like a dread because he isn't willing to want to take advice you give or better himself overall. If your doing everything and being a good friend giving advice and yet he just isn't listening or filtering certain topics/conversations out then Its valid for you to just distance yourself from him because in the end if he isn't willing to express himself or want to better himself then why waste your time?

  23. I don't think it has anything to do with you or what you might have done that time you both hung out. I think its him just not sure if he wants to be in a relationship or not. He was just testing perhaps his feelings that moment. Of course its messed up because in the end if he knew he would miss out in the plans he initiated or planned with you it would have been at least respectful for him to give you a heads up and everything rather then you having to solve a puzzle on where he stands.

  24. Don't push it though or make yourself look desperate lmao

  25. I mean it seems like you have it under control. What you mention on that other girl you developed feelings for, is a good thing. Its good you are aware on where you both stand in the sense of her not showing interest in you and how you feel the same likewise on how interests don't match. I think its a blessing in disguise and a good sign to just focus on the current relationship you already have. I mean in the long run, just know that life is gonna throw situations like this to you in terms of meeting other girls and maybe kicking it off and imagining things. Its normal but that's the test in how committed you are to stay in your relationship.

  26. Damn! Really REALLY great art you have done here! I really like it and enjoy the attention to detail! The colors and style really make it feel almost real.

  27. I've been contemplating for a week now. If he didn't reply, I guess that's also an answer. I thought we could be good friends but given the current situation, I think not. Thank you!

  28. No problem. And ya best you can do is just shoot him a text to see if your both still in the same page and see where he's at with everything. Or just send him a message like any normal day on how it was before between you two and see what he says. If he doesn't reply just know you did your part and the ball is in his court now on making the next move. In the end if he doesn't reply then that's on him but it'd be disrespectful in his part, in the end don't let it get to you or put any brakes in life to wait for him, it wouldnt be worth it. Take care! hope this also helped!

  29. I think you should ask him only because it seems like you both were in accordance to be open to communicate and not ghost one another whatever happens. So in that case, it wouldnt be you going to far to just have that clarity. How can he make you promise to not ghost him but then he ghosts you? That doesn't sound fair. So ya definitely ask him.

  30. If anything there are tons of videos out there especially on YouTube that can help you have an idea on what to put and set up your profile etc.

  31. Im confused and find it hard to understand your post, but it seems like you answered your own question.

  32. I think in the end it comes down to really finding out if he's a good friend for you or not. I mean we all encounter those exact same problems your facing right now. In terms of not getting the same type of treatment sometimes from our so called "friends." Its normal and it only opens our eyes if its fair enough to consider them a good friend or not or someone we want around in the future. Overall, always make sure your intentions and actions are because its who you are don't do something expecting other ppl to give it back or reciprocate it back, because most times youll leave feeling discouraged etc. In the end I wouldnt confront him about it, because it'll leave the problem being more worse than it feels right now, and it wouldnt do anything but cause tension and your friend to probably avoid you even more. So I wouldnt say anything to him. Best you can do is see if he makes that effort to reach back and find the time to hear you out from what your going through. If he doesn't then its up to you if you want to continue that friendship. Hope this helped and im sorry for what your going through, it sucks and Ik sometimes It can feel even more lonely to not have anyone to talk to etc. Stay strong and If you need someone to talk to lemme know! Overall nothing is to say that what you did for your friend is for nothing, surely he knows what you've done for him and if not soon he'll realize it. Hope this helped!

  33. So relatable.... I definitely feel you. The world feels like its transitioning to meeting ppl based on looks and pictures and less on the persons character or interests at all. Its all about crossing your fingers now or at least what it feels like to me.

  34. Indeed we Just want to feel that care and that Love we deserve. But this world we were in now is very different.

  35. Exactly I agree!, and at times its like we're all gravitating towards instant gratification but we all know that doesn't last forever or get to the root solution. Cheers!

  36. Whenever you both hang out again you can bring up what you have in mind in dating or where your mind is at. I feel like you could have brought it up what your looking for in relationships when he mentioned his history of girls he's been with, right there would have been a good chance, so probably whenever that convo is brought up again or around the horizon!

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