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  1. Capitalism does the same. "Free time" is the only time to do some totally necessary things, like eating, fucking, learning, and hygiene.

  2. The trick is to get your company to pay you to do that stuff. Business lunches, business trips, business strippers, tuition reimbursement.

  3. The world's most unsatisfying and invalid answer to any problem is "stop thinking about it"

  4. Think of it this way: using your time and energy worrying about something you can’t change or affect is a waste of time and energy. Take that and spend it on anything else. Setting boundaries with yourself is an important skill to learn.

  5. You're not arguing against what the article is taking about though, it's not saying porn addiction doesn't exist it's saying that of the people who talk about having a problem the only mechanism to the problem is their view of it as a problem.

  6. The logic here is “as long I’m in denial about having an addiction than I don’t have an addiction”.

  7. And that's not what the article you didn't read is about, it's about people who say they have a problem but everyone can see they don't

  8. Why would I read an article posted as an image I’m not taking the time to type all that. I’m responding to what you wrote.

  9. Serious Eats did a deep dive on the issue. The results don't suggest an easy solution. And contrary to popular myth, eating beans over a period of time doesn't make it go away.

  10. *The engineering team just wanted to convert their weekend passions to a paycheck.

  11. you talk a lot about how others perceive you or how they should perceive you. i think the issue is not the gym itself, but your idea of the gym and what sort of people use it to exercise.

  12. It's one of those things that it's really hard to describe why that doesn't work unless you've done it. A good example is doing a building code review with the IBC, its associated codes, and often several books of state or local amendments.

  13. I’ll never get over how he moved there because he believed their justice system was corrupt, and now that very justice system has him by the huevos and he’s complaining that they are corrupt 🤣🤣🤣

  14. a solitary piece of pizza on a styrofoam plate was not served at any school in America. If you're looking for things to make America look bad I'm sure you can pretend schools serve that without options for fruits, veggies, or beverages. Enjoy your fragile worldview!

  15. Why are you so obsessed with this topic lmao it’s a picture of food that kids eat.

  16. Fun fact: Unlike the European system of nobility, entry into classical Korean aristocracy was based on passing a government civil service exam.

  17. He learned I'm a physicist, and immediately started talking about infinite energy

  18. Yes, I did. You don't understand history. Socialism always leads to corruption. Then it implodes.

  19. Is corruption bad? Does that mean if an economic system is corrupt, that economic system is bad?

  20. I'm very sure a computer will show better consistency than cheap plastic dice, especially when rolled by hand

  21. put it in a plastic bag and bathe it in warm water for 4 hours. keeps all the juices sealed inside! nom nom nom

  22. Jeeez just saying it could have… y’all are sensitive, Jesus.

  23. How often do you pull the sensitivity card when someone tells you “no”? 💀

  24. I have a genuine historical/international politics question.

  25. For a long time to get prescription glasses in America it would run you $200+ for the exam + frames + lenses out of pocket. Maybe cheaper if you have insurance.

  26. More ideas: Quinoa, white wine vinegar, chopped olives, corn, black beans, cilantro, sun dried tomatoes, sliced Pepperoncini

  27. The annoying part of the design is having to unscrew and rescrew the top each time you want to take your prescription medication. Gets tougher and tougher as the night goes on.

  28. I'm from Germany, went to school in the 80's and 90's, no one ever said anything about allergies or nuts or anything about food in particular.

  29. I believe in the US it is school district’s fear of being sued by an angry parent that brought about these restrictions

  30. Your colon alone could hold around a quarter mil worth of cocaine. You're just not trying hard enough.

  31. Bricks retail for about $20-25k. You’re not fitting 12 kilos of anything in your asshole.

  32. And from the Mueller investigation. Lots of convictions and it was literally profitable.

  33. The got his lawyer, his campaign manager, his friend, his foreign policy adviser, and his campaign aide but not him.

  34. The entire world shut down because of covid. Did you forget to take your medication, or maybe take too much of it today?

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