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  1. The other reply is correct. You won't know for a very long time what she was exposed to when she was out. This is why we strongly recommend that cats stay indoors for life. Cats live 3x longer if kept indoors at all times. Cats can easily catch a poisoned mouse while outdoors, or find poison themselves, be shot at with bb guns from crazy people who hate cats, get captured and tortured by bored evil teenagers, get into fights with other cats, dogs, wildlife, hit by cars, a million things. And the worst part is that the cat comes home and you have no idea what happened. If the cat is 18 months old and female and not spayed, I PROMISE YOU that she's definitely pregnant too. If she was gone longer than an hour, you're having kittens. Congrats. Is she on flea and tick preventatives? If not, you might want to start checking her for fleas too. Cats get flea infested quickly and because they groom constantly they'll ingest the fleas, which then turn into tapeworms. You'll notice little things that look like grains of white rice on her fur or near her anus. You may also see them in the litter box. That's a tapeworm infection and needs treatment.

  2. Yeah she mainly is a indoor cat, she got out because my mom left the garage door open, if really bugs me because my dad isn’t taking her to the vet regardless of whatever he signed or what we say.

  3. Crap, just pulled for dehya and now I don’t have enough for nahida

  4. Yes. Be prepared for everyone to tell you to read it instead (Fyi they’re right)

  5. Is season 2 and 3 completely off the original material? Can I watch the fights in future seasons without spoiling manga fights?

  6. Impossible!! 😎 …just google “install p-trap” and you will find many videos on how to put that back together. It’s really pretty simple.

  7. Ty I’ll try it as soon as i get home, they probably are making it more complicated than it seems.

  8. I dislike the weapon banner but I am tempted to use all my wishes on this and sacrifice dehya

  9. I forgot about him, he is probably the best Uber out there just wished they added him to this Uber fest

  10. He's actually already in the game's code but only obtainable by hax

  11. He needs horse for moving and infinite spin . I don't see him riding a horse in Part4,5 or 6 .

  12. He can walk at the end of part 7. Also infinite spin never had a rule stating it was restricted to a horse, he just need the rotational energy. He could probably harness that from a car or motorcycle.

  13. Deserved you don’t make content revolved around making fun of somebody

  14. Why would it need halal logo. Halal is only for foods meant to be ingested. This is a dumb take/ question.

  15. Probably as far as he wants cause he is moving along with the hole.

  16. I’m good,it’s way more fun getting the units u want by urself

  17. Damn it just kinda seems like a waste to just delete it. I’m looking for people that would actually play instead of just not even touching it

  18. I’d rather give it to artist just as a little nice reward for making nice drawing for us.

  19. If I subscribed January 15 and then canceled will I still get this skin and the vbucks??

  20. Maybe if your mom wasn’t a hoe hoe hoe y’all would’ve gotten some

  21. Happened to me twice, not picking this hammer up for a while

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