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  1. Their chili and lime rolled corn tortilla chips...the best takis knockoff ever made.

  2. How spicy are they? I thought of trying them

  3. But if you decide to eat a whole bag you’ll probably kill off some taste buds like me🙃

  4. My favorite is just drying out the tofu, cubing it and coating in corn starch, salt (a generous amount) and pepper. Then just pan fry in vegetable oil until it's crispy and golden.

  5. 110% Tempeh-this shit is delicious. I eat it with franks red hot sauce and it hits the spot! It's high in protein, fiber, and it's a fermented food so it's good for your gut. (The one from trader joe's doesn't taste fermented at all by the way.)

  6. I say try freezing it since you won't finish it anyway. I did that with cream cheese and the texture is a little different but I don't mind it.

  7. Totally. Even if he means no harm, he is so inappropriate and rarely funny.

  8. I wish it would never end, it’s been delightful. The sun can fuck right off as far as I’m concerned.

  9. oh man I forgot about these until reading your post. These were hands down the best cookie trader joe's had. I think they also had fruit filled ones as well.

  10. If that's your picture and not a model, then wear it girl! You own it!!

  11. Right! why on earth are you getting downvoted. I feel like people are upset that she looks great and are majorly projecting.

  12. I think this is appropriate and looks cute as hell! Your cleavage and legs are covered. A little midriff is fine imo but I see a lot of people disagree so use your discretion.

  13. 100% yes. Please do not be that mother in law. I can just imagine the bride pretending it doesn't bothering her. No matter what the bride says this is so inappropriate.

  14. I never tried this but I love matcha. If you go to any asian market you'll probably find some type of matcha chocolate bar. I'm not sure where you live but check out 99 ranch mitsua or Jinya if you are in southern california.

  15. The Apple jam in the winter plus unexpected cheddar and sourdough is the best grilled cheese I ever made

  16. I thought it would be a high set drive ‘alpha’ type who has a thriving career. Turns out it’s a kind hearted soft spoken gentleman with a career that is still growing who shares in all the household duties with me.

  17. I hope you know that you are also the most wholesome employee. I guarantee you made those parents day.

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