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He secretly had this comic made, then took me to Hamilton Pool behind the waterfall. He handed me the comic to read on his phone. As I read it, he got down on one knee and said those exact words... because he really can't pronounce my Chinese middle name.

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  1. Some people hate my content so much, they download everything I write as well as my supporters.

  2. I never thought I would ever get the chance to tell you this directly, but I absolutely adore your comics. They bring me great joy.

  3. Awww, thank you. Was the Joy pun intended? And I love talking to readers. If you want to directly interact with me, commenting on the posts under my profile (instead of bigger subs) would pretty much guarantee a response.

  4. 100% intended. I thought about saying "Joy something" but didn't want to be too on the nose.

  5. Hahaha, I see what you did there. Good callback.

  6. Bite his finger. He already suggested you’re a dinosaur.

  7. I have no clue who u r, but please help me. Where should I post my comics on reddit? R/army already banned me

  8. Nowadays society would cancel the sh*t out of that boy if it was caught on video.

  9. Oh my GOSH, I’m wheezing. Reminds me of when I was a really little kid, and I called my aunt a psycho bitch, lol

  10. Nope. Legit just thought that was what my aunt was called, as a title. I was really young, it was one of the first words I had ever said. Think my dad said it once, then I repeated, lol

  11. Welcome to reddit. Subreddit content is ultimately determined by the moderator discretion there and unfortunately as an “unpaid full time job” you end up with a lot of people seeking a power-tripping opportunity because they have nothing else going on.

  12. Whichever mod chose to take that down is a small, power tripping idiot.

  13. It depends on the goal. My husband has 2 brothers, so he offered his perspective:

  14. My daughter had very interesting way of pronouncing “finger” that nearly caused a couple incidents when she was two

  15. Luckily we haven't had to deal with EXACTLY that, but we've had to deal with something else similar. That comic will come in 2 months or so.

  16. I love your stuff and share it with my wife. Our son just turned 4. You are doing a great job and are an awesome mom!

  17. How many threats about raising an alcolohic have you got so far?

  18. Honestly? Either my mother-in-law bought them or I got them for free from our local Buy-nothing group. It's so wasteful to buy new clothes for babies because they're only good for half a year, so we use our Buy-nothing a lot. After he grows out of them, we give them to the next family.

  19. We laugh, but this really is a thing. This happened with my daughter. Not with alcohol, but my wife used to buy Costco economy size boxes of Fiber One brownies. I would house them all day long. when my daughter was about 1.5-2 years old she would ask her mom if she could have a “Daddy Cookie” whenever she wanted one..

  20. That is adorable. I've heard stories about kids asking for a "Daddy brownie" the both parents collectively yelled NOOOOO!

  21. She looks kinda latino as drawn, but the writer has an asian name?

  22. It's harder to convey race/ethnicity in comics, but I (the character/writer) am Taiwanese.

  23. Same thing happened to me. They called and asked why my son was absent today and I said he wasn't because I dropped him off myself. It was just some mix-up but it really got my anxiety going.

  24. He's part-Asian and part-Jewish, so he'd better!

  25. My preschool class of fiveish year olds would tell me i need to exercise more 🥲 Kids are brutal but it's so funny

  26. Oh, just you wait. There are some f-up scenarios coming!

  27. My wife was showing off some older pictures with friends including around when we were married.

  28. Awww... I feel this in my soul. I used to model pre-baby, so my Venmo photo was my headshot. Not long ago, a new friend was paying me for his half of a concert, saw my Venmo and held his phone up to my face, saying, "Is this you?" Anyway, his funeral is next week...

  29. When i was 6 my older sister asked me if she was fat, i answered with "just a little bit"

  30. I don't remember but i think she found it funny haha, at least now she does

  31. Time + tragedy = comedy! It's stories like this that make families families. :D

  32. thank you, i am an admirer of your work, as well. you draw your characters very lovingly, and they carry a sense of familiarity while still being distinct and unique.

  33. Hahaha, I actually divorced the dude I married from Craigslist and married a dude I met on Tinder. 😆 BTW, Nohra Johnston is my artist. I can't claim credit for her work. I only provide the characters, blocking, and dialogue.

  34. ah! well shoutout Nohra Johnston. you guys make a great team.

  35. My son when he was almost 3 said, "Daddy is funny." I asked, "Is Mommy funny?" He said, "No, Daddy is funny." Not a big deal, right? Wrong! I'm a standup comedian. 😭 My husband said it was simultaneously the nicest thing my son had ever said as well as the most cruel thing he has ever said.

  36. I just buy the nice smelling minty 'essential oils' at the chemist for £2, stick them in an air diffuser to de-manscentify the apartment. Am I doing it wrong?

  37. There's no wrong way to enjoy what you like. 😉

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