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What is the most evil you have witnessed? [Serious]

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  1. Even the aid centers they set up were a complete failure.. they couldnt support the lives of that many people. Logistically is was a massive misstep. Bathrooms went unclean, people went without the ability to clean themselves.. food ran out, no where for people to sleep.. it was all kinds of bad.

  2. Yes it was.. The Cajun dome is where alot of people went for shelter but what went on even in there from what I was told was horrible... It was a bad situation

  3. Are you eating a lot of spinach or green veggies? Happens to me sometimes when I eat alot of spinach lol. Sorry if that’s stating the obvious.

  4. I haven't eaten anything green in a while and this has been happening for a little over a month now.. No stomach pain. I do have other health issues as well.. Heart disease,Carotid Arterie Disease ,Valve regurtitation, copd stage 2,Peripheral arterie disease and high blood pressure .. I just figured my liver might have something to do with it.. Also I have kidney disease on top of everything else..I just haven't went In for my follow up yet ..

  5. Sounds like your circulatory system liver and kidney are all screwed up pretty good. Go to the hospital when you can.

  6. Which numbers? You will have to add either an image link (blurring personal information like your name and address) or edit the post and copy the results.

  7. I'm sorry but how would I add a image link.. Those 3 are the only papers o recieved

  8. My little girl is more similar to your babies! The faces 🙃

  9. Oh what sweet little darlings! I have a blonde/white 8 year old chorkie that looks very similar to these 2. They have some of the sweetest traits and personalities! They're precious! Kiss their noses for me! ☺😍❤

  10. is the face of one of them, turned to the left and bloodied with some leaves on top

  11. I'm sorry ya'll.. This is my story: I was cleaning a office building and I ended up locking myself out of my car with everything in was a Sunday so no one was around. I had no choice but to go to the nearest house. I didn't even get a full knock in when the pit mix and another smaller dog came out of the doggy door..they was nice at first and I've always been a dog lover..but as soon as I reached down to pet then the pit just went on attack mode.. I couldn't yell I guess I was in shock.

  12. I know but she got stabbed a lot of times and im assuming that even before OP posted this on reddit she got stabbed even more.

  13. Its impressive and unfortunate that she managed to survive for how the vid went on. Thought she would atleast faint from blood loss.

  14. She didn't die from the stab wounds.. After he was done brutally stabing her he set the car on fire .. The autopsy says she died from smoke inhalation

  15. Back in 84 are 85 when every body and there momma was taking extacy I had went to a club and had just taken one and was starting to roll when I threw up I wasn't gonna waste a $25 high so stupid me dug in my puke on the ground,spotted it and swallowed it again..looking back now that was nasty

  16. When I was around 4 maybe 5 and my sister was 7 my dad had a gun ( not sure where he got it) but he made me and my sister stand in the living room and watch him shoot himself in the stomach..he lived!!!! For years I watched my dad and my uncle late at night moleste my big sister and there was nonone to tell and we was so scared to say anything.. Me my sister and my dad had a big dog ( can't remember what kind but one morning before school we went to go check on her and some of the puppies was covered in maggots..we went to school and my dad waited all day until we got home just so we could watch him bury her and her puppies alive.. I watched my step dad beat the hell out of my mom to many times to count..he finally got arrested for crimes against mature

  17. This happened I'm 2020.. I was at the hospital that night and heard the commotion but didn't see it.. The two black guys and the chick with the red hair was playing there music extremely loud in there car..The police asked them to turn it down and they did and left but came back and had it louder than it was so the cop told them again to turn it off are cut it down and they did the same thing and left...they came back and left the car running with the music blaring and was walking towards the intrance cussing loud saying just stupid stuff and the police came out and told the two guys that they was under arrest ...thats when shit happened..the first part of the video is when the police and just told him and was putting the hand cuffs on him..they all three was arrested but all three was out in a few hours..I really don't even know what ended up happening to them

  18. I’m sorry this is happening. There is no law that requires the police to help you, or investigate your brother’s death. All you can do is apply pressure and give them information. Good luck.

  19. I'm sorry for your loss. I remember your previous post on this issue, and I assume you haven't found a satisfactory answer. I was thinking about ways where a vehicle can be sold without the owner's consent. Now I am NOT a registration expert, nor am I an attorney. But I do think there's a way a vehicle can be sold from under the owner:

  20. My post should be back up soon right? I'm just worried about her birthday in two days

  21. You already have a GoFundMe in your post history from less than two months ago? Why not link that one?

  22. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I have worked at Cracker Barrel going in 19 years but back in March 2021 I was diagnosed with multiple health issues and had to quit..I applied for disabilty but still waiting on a 55 and it's been rough..again thank you

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