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Harder! [OC]

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  1. Evil Marni be like: "A knife won't penetrate my Armor and kill me."

  2. Generally, I get more overall enjoyment from multi chapter fics I feel, but I find myself reading more one shots because I usually don’t have much time to read during the day

  3. only played through each route once, so here are mine in order

  4. What about Hilda since it’s kinda forgettable that she is recruitable in Silver Snow since she is only available in the last two weeks of Pre-Time Skip

  5. I got her too. I played Silver Snow last and by that time I found out about her potential recruitment

  6. don’t make me choose, I love all my fledglings equally…

  7. I put mine on Anna and she’s been destroying literally everything ever since

  8. When i did it I got king piccolo outfit, maybe that’s just the Sayian

  9. The drops are randomized. You can get a different outfit each time

  10. I called it from our second interaction with him. Morgana was a obvious red herring(at least to me)

  11. I recruit her into my Beagles because I always recruit Mercedes and I can’t separate the two of them

  12. 👋 🤖 hey there friend, I notice you seem to be a bit unoriginal!

  13. zenkai Kale. will probably switch to Hit whenever he gets his zenkai

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