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  1. Which will make her the second person to not pay taxes on the winnings.

  2. I think you summed it up in the caption. She’s clearly okay with the circumstances they are likely to increase the odds of going to prison. Sure speaks volumes about why she’s doing ‘reform’

  3. I have so many questions. Are they trolling? Because why ask a gossip page with no knowledge of your situation, this particular question?

  4. Did Yaseer not vote for Xander? The way he was gushing over him I assumed he voted for him. When they didn’t show his vote I figured Xander ran away with it.

  5. Xander got zero votes. It’s been plain to see for a while that the jury never connected with Xander’s game.

  6. Yeah I didn’t at all think he had a strong chance until Yaseer was so complimentary, and his vote wasn’t shown. He didn’t play the jury well at all.

  7. I’m so happy for her. She scraped her way to the top.

  8. I think Heather isn’t a threat to Erica as a potential winner, but that she would reduce Erica’s chance to win greatly, because Erica’s pitch will sound awfully similar to Heather’s and it would reduce her credibility in getting to the end. Basically, the third man will get a free win in this scenario.

  9. Hmm that makes sense. I guess I just don’t necessarily see better options for her to sit next to at final. Probably a sign she screwed up long before this point.

  10. I think she would be ok with Xander + Deshawn. Xander has been a bot, while Deshawn doesn’t seem to be favored by the jury (I think even Liyana and Shan would vote for Erica out of respect for their enemy, as compared to voting for a “friend” who burned them). As long as there is no Heather in F3, Xander / Deshawn would not have the chance to shape the narrative as them + 2 Sheeps (Heather + Erica).

  11. True. It’s just interesting that she could be in trouble with any combination that involves Heather in the final with her. That had not crossed my mind at all. It’s just interesting that she could go to final tribal with either man and be in trouble if Heather is there. To me, Heather doesn’t strike me as someone that would fair well at final tribal.

  12. Sorry for this random week-late reply as I'm catching up but yes, I get Ricard's been playing well but it always sort of annoys me when this obviously-gonna-win person just keeps making it because no one wants to vote him out and the one or two that even suggest it immediately get betrayed and tossed out. And he's great at the challenges so it's very possible they're just not gonna get another chance.

  13. Not a problem with the late reply. I completely agree. I can’t believe how regularly this keeps playing out on Survivor. The longer you wait on players like Ricard, the harder it gets to actually out them. I feel like Xander in particular, is a little delusional about his game plan here.

  14. Yeah I haven't seen a ton of Survivor really, but I had just watched the David vs. Goliath season and it's basically the same situation as Mike from that season, he was pretty much ignored for like the first 9 episodes, only like once even suggested as a possible vote!

  15. The meat shield strategy isn’t a bad strategy if you’re a huge threat with a strong resume, but Xander is not that. It’s regularly proven to be a bad call for players that aren’t locks to win. As for Mike, he really slid his way to success. Well, until final tribal. I think Nick’s speech was so on the nose for what that season won, it made sense to crown him.

  16. That video was hilarious. Born and raised in Massachusetts, yet can’t pronounce Cucumber? Elite level lying lol.

  17. Elon Musk and Amber Heard having frozen embryos together 🙈

  18. Oh wow. I didn’t know that and I wish I still didn’t.

  19. I didn’t realize Spencer was anti-vax! Chaos Kass got something right lol. I love her so much.

  20. More comfortable. I know that’s a pretty basic answer, but what can I say?

  21. These two people are heroes. I’m so glad that child is ok

  22. Comedy and Hollywood have systematic issues. The numbers of comedians I see get outed and nothing bad happens, is much too high.

  23. I’m literally wheezing lol. Angelina needs to be brought back if they do another heroes vs villains season. Obv she would be on the heroes tribe.

  24. Agreed. Can’t see him as host but absolutely could see him running the most relevant aspects of the show

  25. I would like to see Ethan Jost. Charismatic, personable and warm are good combinations for a host.

  26. If I didn’t read your post I would have assumed it was a pet. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to see if any neighbours are missing a pet Rat.

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