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  1. Classic/Golden age Hollywood had a lot of gay celebs who had beards or in the closet. They were called Lavender marriages and studios had these fake relationships so they could fend off accusations for their stars. Rudolph Valentino and Rock Hudson were notable examples.

  2. I'd venture that Tony is a Hardy Boyz mark and that his game plan was to boost the prestige of the AEW tag championships by throwing the belts on them (even if its for a short while). So that when people post Hardy Boyz achievement graphics (which includes WWE, TNA, ROH, NWA, & WWE's WCW belt) online that it would include AEW on there as well.

  3. I'm wondering if this didn't launch with a big enough star for international markets. Did the non-english markets at least get a localized release with notable names? The Aladdin remake had Will Smith who's a bonified A lister and a draw under the right circumstances.

  4. Aj was the Bread and Butter of Tna and having Jeff do that stuff at Victory Road being the main event and world champion of TNA at the time I feel for Aj. All the dude does was bust his ass for the company he work for while they hired people who just did not care. Aj's always gonna be my goat for the hard work he has put in his entire career.

  5. Him and Samoa Joe were building a house on quicksand. A promotion that was chronically fucking up a good thing more than Jeff Hardy ever did.

  6. Let me translate this for you: SAG has rules about firing an actor who are in treatment/rehab. This is basically a way of saying suuuuuuurrrreee if we did do a sequel to the Flash 2023 movie then of course we'd bring back Ezra! (Wink)

  7. The real translation is that this movie releases next month and Warner Bro’s and the above the line crew wants it to make them money. (And if it does make them money, they’ll happily bring back Ezra because they only care that they’re a box office draw.)

  8. If the movie makes money, they're more likely to determine that advertising around Michael Keaton returning as Batman was a winning strategy.

  9. Casinos will buy the PSLs. Hey you just lost 20k at our casino, here's 2 tickets to the VegA's. Thanks for being a schmuck.

  10. That was the thinking with the UFL team a decade ago, it turns out that casinos did not want their customers away for 3+ hours at a time. If they're comping its for something potentially onsite.

  11. So, there is finally some tea (or I should maybe say "behind the scenes drama"? We still don't know for sure) on Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies.

  12. I had a hard time making it through the first episode. Going from the most recent season of schmigadoon to this was a huge downgrade. Overly poppy and has no heart.

  13. I love this show so much but I can't deny that the first episode was a bit rough to get through 😅 However, from the 2nd episode things already get better and I find it such a good teen-drama. They're really delivering on the ✨️messiness✨️. The only thing that doesn't really get better, is the music. Almost 80% of the songs are forgettable. I've only listened to one outside of the episodes.

  14. A musical with bad/blah music defeats the whole point for me. Apple scooped up the best musical writers I fear.

  15. Watched the vid. I think it's clear that there's some questions about the company's dodgy ownership that need to be settled by judges, but Kurvitz's response at the end to a very specific list of claims from workers is laughable. You should watch the whole thing but I actually cackled when I read this:

  16. That last paragraph is basically a good summation of tankies .

  17. What’s this gif actually from, anyway? I’ve been wondering for years.

  18. Lionsgate seems to me not to have taken advantage of that "streaming is the future and it will make money" phase. Now I don't see anyone risking a purchase. Paramount's market cap is under 10 billion, and it would be a much more interesting library. But who will risk it? The only zero risk for a company would be Apple, which has a gigantic cash flow of 165 billion now, and shareholders didn't care too much about a "small" purchase. But Apple doesn't seem interested in anything about third-party libraries. It looks like they want to keep their pedigree, in that well known walled garden, or will they simply wait for the market to get colder and colder for traditional studios and buy them cheaply, or, what I would bet, buy part of the library/IPs that interest.

  19. Apple had the opportunity to buy MGM and they passed. They could still make a run for Sony's film/tv assets (they'd lose future Spider-Man rights though) but they've shown no interest.

  20. Her show on Max is pretty good, not a huge fan of her singing or acting but I think her calling might be hosting competitions or a talk show.

  21. We've gotten to witness the Hardcore Holly booking style in real time.

  22. This title is a bit misleading. They didn’t confirm that a game is currently in development, they said that they’re very interested in the prospect of and are continuing to field ideas for a AAA game.

  23. If someone made a polished/faster version of SuperHot that could work here. Especially if they could add in ground melee.

  24. Don't they also have a set of dildos cast from their dicks?

  25. It's why I will still maintain that Jay wanted to go to WWE all along, but due to that hiring freeze, he took the AEW deal instead.

  26. At this point I kinda dread new signings in AEW, because there's only so much quality TV time.

  27. What's been up with Kanye's shoulders? Is he doing HGH or something?

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