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  1. Franz Marc Prints und selbstgemachte Fotos mit ungewöhnlichen Rahmen


  3. Mostly my grandfather's art. He was so creative and we had a special release. He encouraged me so much and I miss him so much.

  4. Signed Polaroid of Jimi Hendrix taken in a London cafe by my mum.

  5. That's not going to set up. Don't heat the cream or cheese-- whip them. You should soak whole ladyfingers in the coffee/Kahlua and layer them like a normal tiramisu. I'd mostly make it like a tiramisu but do toasted sugar on top. Grind up the chocolate chips and layer them like cocoa powder. Probably let it sit overnight to strengthen the flavors.

  6. This recipe will be a runny dessert soup. No eggs or gelatin to make the liquid set up. So no “surface” to top with sugar, and no way it slices.

  7. Yeah, I suspected there was something not quite right... But I am not an expert,so I was just curious.😂


  9. Elric of Melniboné. Fühlte sich an wie eine Power Fantasie für Edgelords...

  10. Kam hierher, um das zu schreiben. Und ich breche Bücher sonst nie ab. Vielleicht ist Mal eine längere Pause erfolgreich, aber abbrechen ist die ganz große Ausnahme.

  11. Geht mir ganz genauso. Und ich hab keine Ahnung warum mich das so sehr "abgestoßen" hat...


  13. I thought Moorcock's Elric seemed like an Edgelord's Mary Sue... Couldn't get past the first chapter...

  14. I stopped Moorcock's Elric of Melibone(sp?) because Elric felt soooo "edgy" on purpose.

  15. You've got my statement backwards. Hexblade dips make MAD builds SADer, so would removing the stat restrictions on multiclassing.

  16. I think your connection lagged, I didn't need 3 messages saying "Ahhh! 👍". lol

  17. Es ist etwas unangenehm, aber ich habe mich dabei erwischt, dass ich nach einer Zugverspätung bei der Bahn aufgrund eines "Personenschadens" auf dem Gleisen für einen Moment gedacht hab, was für ein Egoist der Typ doch sei, der das "verursacht" hat...

  18. That it's about individuals making one far reaching decision rather than societal developments that could have happened multiple ways.

  19. I may have described this insufficiently but: The Great Man Theory that claims history is mainly shaped by the decisions of great Leaders (and the butterfly effect to an extent) is an oversimplification by human desire for a narrative, it's hardly ever one decision, one deciding moment that shaped history, but a multitude of small decisions and emerging themes in the Zeitgeist. And often we have to say it probably would have happened in one way or the other anyway, maybe a little later or a bit differently, but to just focus on that one person who did the thing is giving too much importance to the individual decision.

  20. Shawshank Redemption. Keine Ahnung, was Leute daran finden. Glaubt, dass es irgendwie wichtig ist, bleibt aber absolut Basic...

  21. Same. Auch mein Lieblingsmärchen, dicht gefolgt vom gestiefelten Kater.

  22. Auch sehr schön. Gewitzte Trickster Charaktere sind die besten!

  23. If you go Duregar, make sure you take Tavern Brawler for improvised weapon proficiency. You'll be 2 sizes larger than medium creatures, meaning you can pick them up and swing them around like weapons. Arguably, you can do the same with a race with powerful build too. Also on my list is an unarmored Loxodon Rune Knight that turns into a big woolly mammoth when Giant's Might is active.

  24. Finde es sehr interessant, dass hier so oft Kartoffeln erwähnt werden wobei Deutschland keinen besonders großen Kartoffelkonsum hat. (Im Vergleich zu anderen EU Ländern)

  25. Döner mit allem, Currywurst mit Pommes rot-weiß und Frikadelle mit Kartoffelsalat?

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