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  1. "And since he loved my mom and plucked chickens, that made him a mother loving chicken plucker..." -Dylan

  2. I popped my L4/5 in Oct 2019 and had a discectomy Aug 31, 2020. I was back in the operating room Seot 16, 2020 for a revised discectomy due to a fragment of my disc suffocating a nerve sometime in that 16 day time frame.

  3. Unfortunately, I had an SCS and the trial did not go well. It ended up hurting a lot and was taken out after about 10 days. My pain level went up about half point after and still is eight months later.

  4. I'm sorry you're still struggling. I know the SCS isn't for everyone. Hoping you'll find answers some day soon!

  5. Epidurals did nothing for my pain so I can't help you with this. I wish you nothing but success and healing!!

  6. Healing wishes sent your way! I had the Abbott Proclaim implanted Sept 2021. It's been an amazing asset to me and getting my life back. Post-op was tough, but the rest has been worth it.

  7. I had two discectomies to correct mine. They ultimately fixed the herniation but I had severe nerve damage from the waiting game and ended up with a spinal cord stimulator to control the pain now.

  8. Ohmylord. I hope you're feeling better and getting some relief.

  9. Are you taking any narcotics for your pain or getting any types of shots? Right now I take norcos 7.5\325 5 sometimes 6 times a day. I get an sij injection every 3 months. And I use my heating pad CONSTANTLY.

  10. And yes, heating pad is more than okay! I use mine for relief often.

  11. I'm on meds as needed but I hate them so I take them when I just don't have another option. That was a huge reason for going through with the SCS. I have a lot of info, pictures, etc. Why don't you message me and I can share all of that with you? I'm a solid lurker on reddit and don't know half of the posting rules so would have much more luck just sharing with you through messaging. I've had ZERO implant issues. In all reality, I'm still new to it as I'm just past a year of implant but I seriously couldn't have gone a better route. I needed my life back and I didn't want to live on pain meds. It's been a solid win for me.

  12. Try inserts - they really can help any shoe!

  13. I don't understand how a person could even handle all of that in their eye!!! My eye doctor made it very clear to me the one time he witnessed obvious symptoms of over-use from my contacts that if I kept it up, he would never prescribe them to me again. I listened to him.

  14. Volume. Tease/back-comb your roots for a little added oomph.

  15. Keep up the amazing work! I hope I can be running again soon, too. Thank you for sharing. We all need reminders that no matter how bad it seems right now, it can be better!

  16. Have you heard of a spinal cord stimulator? I had my implant a year ago today for my nerve damage and it's really changed things for me. I'm not 110% great but I'm much better than I was before!

  17. My leg pain was similar after two discectomies, 16 days apart, in September 2020. I ended up with a spinal cord stimulator to help with the damage then in Sept of 2021. I hope your doctors can help you at your appointments. If it gets worse, go to the ER.

  18. Heat has been my biggest comfort through my three year struggle. I have a heating pad on my computer chair at work even.

  19. I think you should try a side part just for a slow start in changing style! Tiktok has tons of easy hair tutorials for different ideas!

  20. Ask the spinal surgeon around a spinal cord stimulator. It gave me my life back.

  21. I'm not sure about pinched nerves and the SCS. I'd ask your doctor. I wish I was more helpful with that end of it!

  22. Has a spinal cord stimulator been mentioned ever? I had the Abbott Proclaim implanted last September due to a back injury that turned into surgeries that turned into similar nerve damage as you've described... It hasn't 110% cured me but it's given me so much freedom again.

  23. We have the Ninja Foodi 6 in 1. Zero complaints. Can do it all.

  24. I'd say yes, that's correct. It'd be the side where the part is.

  25. I had a laminectomy in order to put in paddles for a spinal cord stimulator. My post-op recovery was HARD. I was in a recliner and needed to use a circulating ice machine pad for comfort. It was tough stuff.

  26. I'm so sorry i never replied until now! Look up surgery ice machine! It's like a box cooler with a pad connected that circulates cold as long as it's filled with ice and water.

  27. Voluminizing products! There's a root tease powder from Big Sexy Hair that comes in a tiny red shaker bottle. It's a game changer! I'd invest in mousse and dry your hair upside with a blow dryer, the root powder and a light pomade for making it piece-y.

  28. Ask about a spinal cord stimulator! I hope you can find relief - I understand how difficult this journey can be. Hang in there.

  29. I'm sorry you're struggling. I understand the pain all too well. I tore my L4 and L5 and went through the it all - therapy, epidural injections, discectomies and now a spinal cord stimulator. My back pain has improved majorly with the SCS but my leg has never recovered. PLEASE keep telling your doctor you're not okay and push this further.

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