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  1. Thank you so much, this is my favorite work so it means a lot getting a compliment on it :)

  2. Thank you, I’ll try to be consistent with posting my art on here :)

  3. To be fair, some things are violent, like the many challenges that begin on TikTok. Understandable - not many people commit these challenges but it still happens, and it's serious. Even now there is a trend on eating NyQuil Chicken - something that is... dumb and unhealthy.

  4. Exactly. When the Taliban shows concern over it - it’s certain that something must be done.

  5. I mean same. I lost every friend irl but have one left online

  6. It's terrifying and makes me think it's better to not get in any relationship again

  7. I think this too. I keep failing on relations, so I'm also worried to try again.

  8. One of the obvious answers - Kino. The greatest band of the Soviet Union, and probably even Russia. Viktor Tsoi was a BOSS.

  9. I have great news - you have one of the best variants! On this one, the soldiers in the truck can be seen carrying their rifles. This shows it is a rare variant, and means it is one of the earliest pressings of the medal. :D

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