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Those who are against cannabis, what's your reason?

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  1. To see real answers sort by controversial guys

  2. Def think you need to turn off your tv. You’re actively looking to be put into a state of panic. That’s literally on you. The amount of false information that’s being spread over media is almost criminal and doing no good for anyone. They’re really good at fear tactics and keeping people glued to ‘what’s next’. Fuck them, go live your life. Experience it for yourself rather than letting some news station tell you what to be scared of. When half the time it’s over exaggeration and not accurate and made to keep you in fear. THE “NEWS” IS WHAT SHOULD SCARE YOU. turn that trash off.

  3. Do you want to go back to the Communism that was Eastern Europe? Wait, you may be too young to see the difference.

  4. Bro my people lived the best lives under a socialist rule

  5. Baptism has always been around never changed.

  6. That’s funny bc Dahmer’s mom was so adamant about ufos in the beginning of the series

  7. Yeah i think thats why i caught this airplane thinking its a UFO, It would have been funny if they added a lil easter egg of a UFO

  8. ja volim ove crni cerak likove tvrdi su

  9. My Somali-Croatian friend once told me kids see him in public and yell shit like "Will smith" or "LeBron James!" They will never discriminate against you but they WILL give you stares. Mostly because of your peoples athleticism. Its like asking an asian can they do math

  10. Amerima je sve rasističko, udareni su u glavu malo

  11. Well Bible doesn't say "don't gamble" But it teaches you how to be wise with money and to NOT be greedy under no circumstances, which is quite literally what gambling wants you to be. A sin or not i wouldnt reccomend it

  12. It's more about positivity and feel-good shallow songs about Jesus than it is spreading the gospel or playing edifying worship music.

  13. "They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus" -Kanye West

  14. Svaka cast, bas lijepo govori hrvatski koji je prilicno tezak za nauciti. Drago mi je da mu je tu lijepo.

  15. lega brat zivi ovdje 13 godina kako to mislis govori hrvatski lijepo lol

  16. nebi rekao da bjelac koji zivi u zagrebu 13 godina lijepo prica jel bi

  17. entire thing shaven will look badass trust me og

  18. mans just said a random ass game he remembered

  19. the hair looks healthy but if i was you i would go for something shorter and less feminine

  20. Morao sam da se odseliiiiiim kad mi je bilo 23.

  21. I've never used oils, how do i spot a good one

  22. It looks that way until you scrunch out the cast, then you'll have soft curls 😍

  23. Ugh I know I’m sorry, I feel dramatic now

  24. ahahahah nooo it was a compliment, i said that because in my opinion thats the best part about curly hair.

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