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  1. Thanks for your answer. However, those saxophones you mentioned have noticeable differences in shape and size. Do tenor and regular trombones have any difference in their physical look because I haven’t noticed any.

  2. Tenor trombone and bass trombone are the same size instrument, the bass trombone just has more tubing. The triggers that maestro2005 mentioned are kind of like the valves on a trumpet that swap in various other lengths of tubing. Notes are still tuned and moved chromatically with the slide, but the triggers are like capos on a guitar, except that they make the notes lower instead of higher.

  3. I find it easier to think of it not as up or down, but just whichever note is on top. C to F can have two different values depending on which note is the higher note.

  4. The parts that aren't typical video game music are borrowed from flamenco, a style of music from southern Spain originating from the Roma people.

  5. I disagree. bVII is strongly dominant and bVI is strongly subdominant.

  6. I completely agree with you. I would even go so far as to say that understanding bVI and bVII as dominant and subdominant respectively is absolutely essential to even begin analyzing modern pop music.

  7. Only when directly at the south pole. The compass would be terribly inaccurate, though

  8. But the map is centered at the south pole. All four edges of the map point north. East is clockwise around the outside of the map and west is counter-clockwise.

  9. Does it sound like a sitar when you pluck it? If so, that usually means that the groove in the nut is too deep. You can do a quick fix at home by loosening the string and putting a small strip of paper in the groove, but a luthier will be able to fill it up and recut the groove to the right depth.

  10. I've tried about all the ways of recording congas that you can think of, and you can get pretty good results with just about anything if you're smart about placement and patient enough to fine tune it.

  11. Many of the central and western states have right angle edges, but they rarely meet up squarely with their neighboring states. OP has adjusted them so they do, leaving them either squished or stretched compared to their actual shapes.

  12. El cafe is dead for good salsa. La tropi is all cuban. Pepe Friday/Saturday is crowded and on 2 heavy (Sunday is usually bachata) usually jba or Calle ocho Monday. Otherwise just chase mitsue or nao+masa. There's also some stuff in Yokohama (night fire)

  13. I think it's supposed to represent industrial scale steam vents (like when the air brakes on an 18 wheeler vent, but bigger). It's likely a short percussion sample that was majorly downsampled so that it's slower and lower pitch.

  14. There are definitely cases where native Spanish speakers learning an ancestral language end up using Spanish phonology to speak those languages. My father in law is a native Quechua speaker, and in my own search for resources in learning Quechua I've found plenty of programs designed to teach Spanish speakers that use entirely Spanish phonology, ignoring things like ejective consonants and ch / sh distinction.

  15. I believe he's talking specifically about borrowed chords. I've heard plenty of pop songs in major or minor keys that will occasionally use a flat VII as a dominant in major or minor ii in minor as a pre- dominant. Likewise, Dorian commonly uses both the major IV and flat VI despite the chromatic alteration between the two (which can sometimes leave it open to interpretation whether it's Dorian with a borrowed bVI or minor with a borrowed IV)

  16. But that is rarely used in a vacuum, and either resolves to I outside that progression, or the "vi" is actually the tonic and it should be written VI VII v i

  17. I have my doubts about it actually doubling usage though. The dark world has more dungeons than the light world and the dungeons have a lot of content. Also there are a lot of differences between the overworlds, not just a pallette swap. It may have helped to cut down on the size in some way though.

  18. I believe they made the foundation of the dark world as a tile swapped light world, but then added another layer on top of the differences. So even if only 50% of the overworld map was the same, that still means two maps for the price of one and a half.

  19. You forgot a 1/16 Cherokee. Everyone in the southern states thinks this and they are probably wrong.

  20. My mom found some similar claims when doing our genealogy, but also found a little tidbit of info that explains it. Apparently back in the day "so and so's mom was Cherokee" was a euphemism for "so and so was born out of wedlock", since both situations would explain why nobody talked about that side of the family, but miscegenation was slightly more acceptable than promiscuity.

  21. There's a lot of almost-misinformation that always floats around about singers and vocal ranges, a lot of it often paired with a very emotional connection to certain singers.

  22. Trumpets, trombones , saxes, bass, piano, and percussion

  23. I don't have anything with that exact instrumentation, but I could adapt some. Any requests?

  24. I know much work that is and I couldn’t ask you to do that

  25. I uploaded all that I could find, including Sibelius files. Hope it helps!

  26. You could also study John mason and William Boscom. Like Okonkolero mentioned, learning the exact meaning of words would be difficult. A lot of the prayers are interpretations of incomplete sentences. If that makes sense.

  27. I would take some of the translations with a grain of salt. I've asked some native Yoruba speakers about many of Mason's translations and gotten mixed responses. Some verses are pretty accurate, some don't seem to make any sense, and some are understandable but not proper Yoruba.

  28. Yes, the video is in the same key as the sheet music.

  29. Are you looking for a high c# fingering without covering the bell of the recorder? Because I am looking for one too.

  30. The one that works best for me is like the high D with all the open holes half holed (pinch 1 h 3 4 h 6 h)

  31. You start on the major tonic and immediately tonicize the relative minor. It's quite common in jpop. Check the verse at 0:48 of

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