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  1. Of course Olivia is snickering because she doesn’t ever think for herself, and just goes along with Ethan because she’s such a suck up. Meanwhile, the two with some sense, Dan and AB are just so unamused because they know that this comment CLEARLY wasn’t okay.

  2. She covered her whole face first. I think it’s more of a nervous laugh tbh

  3. Tourette’s is often associated with intrusive thoughts and obsessive behaviors—which Ethan exhibits pretty strongly.

  4. Intrusive thoughts doesn’t mean you speak them. He’s said on multiple occasions he doesn’t have verbal Tourette’s. He has ticks. I have ticks also it’s not the same.

  5. Idk if it’s really keemstars feet aside from that i think it’s weird af someone’s just recording the pod while it’s playing. Randomly.

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