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  1. OP you can remove them if you want, but they do also act as feed for your animals. So if you cut the grass, it just means you'll have to spend money on feed instead.

  2. INFO - Have you maybe considered the incredibly obvious solution of just cooking smaller meals?

  3. The 9/13. They are wasted buffs that only last for combat.

  4. A lot of jobs in the trades are always looking for laborers to get started. You need no skills and just have to be reliable and work hard. You can learn as you go and eventually work your way into a great career.

  5. What a complete gentleman the man holding the sign was.

  6. INFO - Why the need for such heavy censorship? Is this happening in North Korea or something?

  7. What were the problems? How much damage can having a song lyric about money cause? From an outside perspective this is seriously fucked up op.

  8. What? If you want a judgement, post in english. This isn't readable.

  9. INFO why are you basically sitting by and watching your wife abuse your child? Emotional abuse and neglect are serious.

  10. I'm not sitting by. I have become more aware of this issue, I'm ensuring I get a balanced perspective but I won't sit by and watch my child be damaged but I need to ensure I'm not reading it wrong

  11. Fair enough, just trying to say you really need to stand up for your daughter here. Her mother's attitude is very concerning.

  12. NTA - People don't like the truth when it exposes them as assholes.

  13. Not really. He’s not funny outside of workaholics and hasn’t done anything himself in the 60 years he’s been alive worth note

  14. Did they just sort by "most expensive" and pick everything from the top of the list? This build is ridiculous and the $9k doesn't even include a monitor!

  15. Personally, I'd toss them. 3 days in a brine will have ruined the texture of the meat. Worst case they have also turned, but a quick smell should let you know on that.

  16. YTA - Yes, giving a lovers necklace to your online bff that says 'wifey' and 'from husband' on it is weird and would make almost any partner uncomfortable.

  17. I think you'd be better off in a relationships sub for this. It's really just petty teen relationship drama.

  18. NTA - Call her bluff and if she wants to move out, let her.

  19. This isn’t just stupid, it’s very racists. Do you think what they did was racist?

  20. Yes, let's split hairs on racist nonviolent versus racist violent behavior. Clearly, one is better than the other. /s

  21. Yes, let's definitely differentiate between violent and non-violent crimes.

  22. I'd 100% eat this, but for me I'd prefer it to be 3 separate sandwiches.

  23. What? No. She is the mother of her children, her MINOR children, and her opinion is extremely important. As

  24. Too young? They are 15, 14, and 9. That's not too young to be able to be made aware of the situation.

  25. We don’t know her children. They lost their father at a young age. I would argue that their mother knows them better and is better able to judge when the right time to share this info with them. My dad had a similar situation before he met my mom, and he told me about it when I was 21.

  26. Fair enough, but the way OP talks about it makes it sound like she is just closing the door on this forever.

  27. INFO - What was the value of the watch and how much did you expect him pay your daughter? Why didn't you pay for your husbands cake on his birthday? Why was the cake not a gift from your daughter? Who paid for the cake ingredients?

  28. It's not a good enough card. MAYBE you grab it if you come across it as an early 6-drop, but why choose it over something that can actually scale your board and win you the game?

  29. That's the only way I ever took it. Somehow got an early tier 6 discovery with nothing better to pick from.

  30. Or the Tenacious variety. (It's like a fabric tape that is used primarily by campers/hikers to repair tents, jackets, backpacks, etc.) Would also work for this and be a nicer feeling than electrical tape.

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