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  1. Same as you actually! I didn’t like it at first but it’s grown on me.

  2. Sorry, I can’t think of anything taller than the redwood empire bottles. Maybe try something from High West?

  3. Oof. Well at least you get to try it yourself now

  4. If it works, there's generally no point in changing it. Reports can be old, specific to the setup of the user or just a fluke. The whole ecosystem is in constant evolution and improvement so reports from last year are often outdated enough to be useless.

  5. I’m only about a year in to my whiskey drinking so I haven’t bought anything a second time yet, my favorite affordable generally available bottle is Russels 10 year.

  6. Super anti-Kaiju war machine mecha thunder-king

  7. And at the price it should be too! Nice find!

  8. My god man get your fingers out of those trigger guards.

  9. I know all of the characters in Yakuza look like their VA’s, but this guy REALLY looks like Kuwana. He even dresses like him, lol.

  10. This isn't even a "oh they look like an adult" thing, she looks like she still brings juice boxes to school

  11. I’m 26 and I still bring juice boxes to school.

  12. Unlimiting Terrortop makes Adventure splashable in most decks again.

  13. Adventure Token engine, consisting of Water Enchantress of the Temple, Rite of Aramesir x2, Fateful Adventure, Dracoback the Rideable Dragon, and Wandering Gryphon Rider. It gives you a free Omni-Negate with Wandering Gryphon Rider, a 2k/2k Adventurer Token equipped with Dracoback, which can bounce monsters, and Fateful Adventure to search Gryphon Rider every turn after it shuffles itself back into the deck, or use it as fodder to pay for some effects (like Forbidden Droplet).

  14. Oh gotcha. I stand corrected that would definitely be a problem. I missed the adventure stuff that must haven been when I took a break a while ago.

  15. Man I wish my asshole wasn’t so tight and supple so I could take all this fucking shit.

  16. All of the Redemption bottles I’ve had are extremely good at their price points. I find them for around $25

  17. I mean, I agree. But do we need a post about this every day?

  18. I can’t afford calls after I’m done buying groceries

  19. Nice. Didn’t he also murder more people than anyone in history aside form maybe Stalin? Nice statue though.

  20. To be fair, being titled “Zelda” is all the marketing this game needs for them to sell massive numbers. Why waste extra money telling us what we’re buying?

  21. I’d highly recommend a garbage can for those empty bottles.

  22. I know it’s a joke but what does best green mean?

  23. It’s complicated and takes skill to pilot in a mirror match. It completely blows out any other strategy, especially when you’re playing digitally and the game will consistently remind you when you can make move.

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