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  1. So cute! I’m obsessed with dinosaurs! Where did you get it?

  2. It’s from Mychaoticcreations they have they’re kickstarted on their Instagram! :)

  3. You may find it secondhand but it's going to be very expensive as it's rare and sought after. It's the ocean operetta collection from pokemon center if I'm not mistaken. Good luck, I hope you find one !

  4. Oh yeah, I tried looking on eBay and there was only one listed for $170

  5. I wish they weren’t all sold out now, just a bunch of resellers overpricing x3 :(

  6. I’m not sure but I think he should be, you can always call your nearest store to ask :)

  7. i called my local store, and they said they were expecting him to come in this friday! the woman told me that he’d probably be on the shelves around midday. Growlithe was stocked the following thursday after his online release, so friday/saturday for sobble seems reliable

  8. It's too bad the bundles are so expensive, because I'd love Bulbasaur.

  9. Is it only available for Japan rn? If so how long will it take for the us to get them??

  10. Nooooo I just spent all my money on the unova ones and now your telling me there’s more so soon and wooper 😭

  11. Bro I would love is we could have ray as a character he’s my favorite ❤️

  12. What legendary/ancient/super epic cookies you got?

  13. I had all cookies besides the new super epic, some Disney and sonic ones

  14. And how high up in level and power are they?

  15. Dark cacao-75 power-227,648 , holly berry-70 power-132,754 , sea fairy-70 power- 320,909 , frost queen-75 power- 439,798 , black pearl-75 power-432,596 , moonlight-70 power-251,197

  16. I have eelektross, and he is extraordinarily well made. The person who designed him really must've loved him, as they even opted to make stuffed fabric teeth and claws instead of stitching little felt triangles on him. The details are great, the arms are really satisfying and fun to play with or swing around. My arms are ever so slightly stitched on differently from each other, with one rotated a bit, so one of his palms end up facing out when resting naturally. This doesn't bother me — I actually kind of like it, and it's not hard to just rotate his arm a smidge regardless (it will stay in place if rotated back). I got him as an "I guess I'll add this in" to get free shipping with my archeops (which is unfortunately defective) and he's probably my favorite one quality-wise of what I've gotten. I'm really glad I got him.

  17. Ooo I really like when people put a lot of effort into making the plushies and not like it looks like they just did it for the money and don’t care and quality or looks. I decided to add on zorua and ducklett because I love them sm now just to wait 🥰

  18. Thank you to everyone who commented! I will be getting them all tomorrow I am so happy they have not sold out yet :)

  19. I bought marshtomp, I'll let you know how it looks. In the photos it looked so darn adorable enough to me

  20. I like his design (puppetified) best out of all of them I feel like it’s really hard to translate characters into puppets

  21. Poor guy :( I have the Quagsire one, and it's flipping adorable in person.

  22. I love the quagsire one I just personally think this one looks really weird

  23. I had a problem with Remy cooking it because it had a face 😅🤦🏼‍♀️

  24. Sobble is likely first week of May, Mimikuyu is probably anywhere from September to October.

  25. Omg yay! At least Iv got time for mimikyu but at least I can start saving for sobble 🤞 he looks good

  26. Omg how… that’s amazing and makes me wanna cry at the same time lol

  27. Haha yeah, it doesn’t help That I can’t spell very well either 😅

  28. Great choices 😄 I got a whole bunch of bug types myself, including these 3

  29. Ooh cool! I’m hoping to get swadloon, reuniclus and eelektross before they sell out🤞

  30. As long as everyone inside is safe! I've gotten packages from PC that look like they were elbow-dropped, run over, then elbow-dropped again. Fedex Ground is not very kind to packages lol

  31. Lmao yeah 😅 I almost didn’t get him but he was too cute, the little hole in the Leaf doesn’t look like it was sewn the cleanest but i think it looks roughly bitten lol. I’m hoping the others I want won’t sell out too soon

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