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  1. Avoid Osmows or whatever their rendition of shawarma is.

  2. If you get a beef or lamb shwarma at Osmows, they cook the meat from raw. If you get enough sauces on it, it ends up being the most ok shwarma that I've had up here.

  3. I mailed my son’s application in on Oct 29 and it’s already on its way to me, and was delayed by about a week because they had to confirm custody status from myself and my sons dad. I think the big backlogs are mostly cleared now. I have no immediate travel plans so didn’t choose the rush option.

  4. Damn, even the one in Orillia closed. Not enough traffic to either location?

  5. Is that jerk rating on a Barrie scale or have you had jerk in the GTA before? Not being an ass, just want to set my expectations before going there. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the info. Can't wait to try it out now! If you don't get slightly abused then it's not real jerk.

  7. I noticed the samosa prices jumped by a lot too. They used to be 5 for $1, now they're 3 for $1

  8. You sort of just have to sign up and use Facebook to join the Barrie homeschool groups. You're in Reddit, that's halfway there.

  9. North end in the Georgian mall is supposed to be Homesense and longos

  10. Yes, this year is especially bad for me. I usually try and rinse out my nose which helps me a lot

  11. Semi-related: why is it also impossible to find Maldon finishing salt in this city too?

  12. Never seen so many people worried about becoming the new visible minority. We're here to takeover, not take part

  13. 2122grz isn’t working anymore :( Is there a different code or are they not doing it anymore ?

  14. Thanks for the info. Just want to make sure I didn't miss a notice and then have to pay interest.

  15. Greekery Bakeshop in Angus possibly the best cheesecake I've ever had.

  16. The baklava cheesecake is unreal!

  17. Yeah it is, I definitely expected average and was mind blown. Had to go back the next day to verify, it is good.

  18. Take your original house budget and offer at least 100k less for expectation to repair these items. Septic replacement is fixable and not absurdly expensive but a retaining wall in the water can be pretty costly.

  19. Are there any places that actually make their own ice cream vs just serving Kawartha ice cream?

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