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  1. I know that Lego is gradually shifting over to paper packaging instead of small plastic bags. They're also working on using recycled PET plastic in their bricks.

  2. I would love to see toy companies shift away from all of their plastic use. We have a house full of barbies and every one comes in a cardboard box with a non-recyclable plastic cover, and anywhere from 10-50+ pieces of plastic holding plastic toys in position in their box.

  3. Thats why I said reusable, we used to do this with soda, milk, etc. You return the bottles and they get cleaned and refilled. We did this 50 years ago and it worked. Heck some 3rd world countries still do it.

  4. Glass is also 100% recyclable, whereas most plastic food containers are only disposable.

  5. Corporations need to leave states that have banned abortion, not pay for their employees to have to travel to other states to get medical care.

  6. If you don't consider the impact that might have on employees I guess that could work. There are lots of people who quite enjoy living in red states, they might be several generations in, that might be the only place in the world where they have community and a social web of people and support.

  7. Holy shit that was amazing! She is Karening for good!

  8. So, what exactly is the definition of a Karen? Any white woman talking? Because she is definitely not out of control harassing a store manager, she's assertively fighting for Americans to have free access to COVID testing. Women should feel free to speak up for what's right without being called some bs internet meme for it.

  9. Fuck I wish more politicians would actually behave like this. Any other Dem would have folded and accepted the first answer if they even made it to a hearing

  10. It's disingenuous to say only dems do this, all politicians do it, especially when it's their own party who could look bad.

  11. Pretty naive to think animal cruelty is limited to third world countries. Ever been to a rodeo? Not sure that tying a bulls balls up and riding them for show is not cruel + the amount of animal fighting rings + the commercialized slaughter of millions of animals that both ruin the environment and create a ton of waste.

  12. that’s not what a bucking strap does… have YOU ever been to a rodeo?

  13. I have, and I've seen baby pigs smacked so they would run in a race, where they also try to bite each other while getting shoved back into a trailer, I've been in the massive, disgusting rooms that are well over 100 degrees where animals are kept in pens to be shown off, covered in flies and standing in their own poop, then later are slaughtered and eaten. I've watched animals bake out in the sun in the petting zoo areas and nip at kids because they're anxious and uncomfortable.

  14. It's not just our right to choose, this country hates women, full stop. Make abortions a felony and then you can take away the potential for woman to vote and earn income.

  15. It's not just women. The USA (well, your government, at least) doesn't care very much for anyone.

  16. My thought is that the HOA has no business butting into people’s personal problems. It is nobody’s business if your children want to play in your yard and do children things. If I lived in that HOA, I would set up a Gofundme account to purchase a bugle or Sousaphone for every child that wanted one. If a kid throws a baseball and hits a car, that is a problem. But not an association problem. This is the worst form of overreaching, and I would bet a dollar that the association did not run that letter past an attorney before sending it out. “Just as a reminder to you parents, Timmy Xylnnop, age 15, of 1313 Mockingbird Ln has the raging pubic lice he contracted at our playground under control, so please teach your daughters about proper hygiene and self-control”.

  17. Do you know what an HOA is? It's just the homeowners, that's it. There's a management company, but they are also directed by the board which is also just homeowners.

  18. This is not “The neighbors” asking anything, this is the Board of Directors. That’s like saying the mayor, the sheriff, the judge, etc. are your neighbors. Maybe they are, but they’re not asking you to do a favor, there being an official pain in the ass. What if they don’t like the color of your hubcaps, or the way you cut your hair? None of their business. Neither is a kid hitting a car with a baseball. What if they don’t like the presidential candidate you put a bumper sticker on your car for? They are literally telling you not to let your kids play in your yard. Nope, sorry, they need to fuck off.

  19. The Board of Directors is literally a group of homeowners, that's all they can be unless the neighborhood is still being built and then it's the builders. They also don't hold power the way city officials do and clearly you need to spend some time learning about what an HOA actually is.

  20. Anyone who doesn't realize the end game is for women to not vote nor work, is way way behind. Republicans wants the 1950s, when white men were kings.

  21. They want the benefits of modern society with the power they once had at the nation's founding.

  22. My mom came and stayed with me and my husband for over a month to help me when i had the baby. Like i had to kick her out because of how badly she was spoiling us. my husband was still getting 8 hours of sleep a night, my mom would do midnight feedings, cooked all the meals, helped with laundry. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? My mom would never dream to take any money for watching her grandbaby

  23. I'm not sure it's really a cultural thing rather than an arrogant and narcissistic grandparent thing.

  24. Weird? Sure, but one thing I've learned is that you should have no expectation for what type of grandparents your kids will get stuck with.

  25. Remember during prohibition how an upswing in illegal home brewers and speak-easys became a thing? I wonder how many bootleg abortion clinics this will generate? You can't stop people doing something by making it illegal. As the UN rightly say, you just make it more dangerous. That might put some off, but it won't detract everyone.

  26. It will put some in jeopardy, and it won't be long until we start to learn of pregnant individuals who died because a doctor was prohibited from performing an abortion.

  27. Doesn’t explain how our ancestors breathing clean air survived so you can be here,

  28. While actively stopping parents from doing their jobs for them. How long do you think the shooter would have lasted if a mob of 50 parents came pouring through that door? Every single one of those parents would have gladly taken a bullet and died to save their children.

  29. We of course will never know, but the outcome could have been dead parents but more surviving kids, which if it were my kid would be the choice I would make

  30. I’m a parent myself and wholeheartedly agree…not to mention those shot parents would have had an significantly higher chance of survival in that scenario since they’d be given immediate triage and treatment. A luxury not afforded to the shot children who were left to slowly bleed out for over an hour. I want to cry every time I think of how many children may have potentially been saved if they’d received medical attention sooner

  31. Oh, you're so right. I think I just tend to block out the reality of it because it is so insanely horrific to really stew on. Those poor babies, alone, scared and in pain dying for what, an hour at least? How many would be alive today had they just received treatment earlier? They were left to spend their last moments in a literal nightmare that ultra prepared cops only feared happening to themselves.

  32. I feel like intentionally not giving your kid the necessary medication for their recovery should get your kids taken away.

  33. My sister refuses to give her kids Tylenol (and vaccines, etc) and her baby had a seizure a couple weeks ago because her fever got so high. She deserves to have her children taken away. It’s neglect, plain and simple.

  34. Just so you know (since it sounds like your sister might be a diligently uninformed person) low grade fevers can cause febrile seizures and they are usually harmless. However, if it's the first time it's ever happened the baby needs to see a doctor to properly have it diagnosed as febrile and benign. There are also other things to look out for, frequency and duration of seizures that should be reported to the doctor, and if you can taken video of it happening to show them.

  35. At a minimum investigated. There are kids who are taken off treatment for a host of reasons and may end up dying, but that shouldn't automatically mean they have bad parents, they just might have cancer and want a few good weeks before death.

  36. They are generally smaller operations than large national banks (ironically, they basically function as a smaller local bank would pre-internet). It comes down to mainly advertising and accessibility.

  37. If ATM fees are that much of a concern go with Schwab. They refund all ATM fees globally as they don't have their own system of ATMs.

  38. I can't see the study, curious if they accounted for all other pertinent external variables? Health history of the parents, income, maternity/paternity leave availability, siblings, etc.

  39. I have been thinking about this and I think mindset also is a factor. There are some situations that are trying by any standard, but then others maybe the good is accentuated and the bad obscured a bit by your “parent glasses” if your attitude is positive.

  40. It often does seem that the parents who are constantly faced with extreme parenting hurdles would likely benefit from therapy and addressing their own mental health. I think mindset plays a massive part, but mindset is not something you can just will to be better whenever you need it.

  41. My wife and I are having a relatively easy time with our 2 month old first born. I know things are still early and everything can and likely will change to be more challenging but so far he's really felt like a unicorn baby. Barely fusses, naps easily, nurses easily, etc.

  42. Other parents love to bring people down by making them fear that they're going to have a nightmare of a time with their child at some point. It's very much a "it happened to me so it must happen to you" mentality.

  43. I regularly hear people being racist as hell towards Hispanic people. Telling them to speak English, calling them lazy, telling them to go back to Mexico.

  44. Imagine telling a bilingual person they're lazy, when we all know most white Americans speak only English.

  45. I don't think we have to wait very long. It's basically already there. It's nothing like the Carlsbad I grew up in. Such a bummer.

  46. If it makes you feel better the Carlsbad you grew up with was nothing like the Carlsbad for the generation before.

  47. True. Doesn't do me any good either way though. Sucks just the same.

  48. The point is to not put so much of your personal well being into the nostalgia of the past. Carlsbad is a great city, and most people around the world would jump at the opportunity to live there.

  49. They do but you have to go out of your way to find them online in some cases. And their user interfaces suck. Or your kids could be lying to you about not having one.

  50. That communication comes from the school to the parent. They typically aren't relying on students to inform their parents about the portal. In my district it's how we confirm each year enrollment at school so parents have to have a portal account in order for kids to relieve enrollment.

  51. I mean, not inputting grades at all until the end of the semester is unacceptable.

  52. There was also mention of skipping class - absences are recorded daily, put up on the portal and likely also come with a pre recorded phone call.

  53. Lmaoooo that's not full Karen. Why should he be forced to answer a stupid and redundant question.

  54. Why n/a? If you haven't been pregnant just say no, whether other not you're able to conceive is irrelevant (there are lots of woman who are unable to become pregnant, the form doesn't need to know that just needs to know if you are or have been).

  55. Because they knew he wasn't pregnant and blood can save lives. I know it's probably technically against protocol but someone could have just marked no for him.

  56. You also have to take into account that if someone's behavior is erratic regarding the form questions there is potential he's not taking it seriously enough and other questions might not be truthful, or his behavior could affect operations.

  57. Honestly in either case it is a good example as to why historical garments belong on museums as opposed to private collections... Especially when they won't take care of them. It screams "I have enough money to damage this one of a kind piece of art for clout."

  58. Sounds great, hope you're setting up a recurring donation to your local museums to obtain and manage these pieces.

  59. I knew a week into it it wasn't for me. I was unhappy, my hungry baby was unhappy.

  60. Kids spent all day outside up until like 15 years ago. Through the 90s it was easily still don't come home until its dark and even then we'd play all kinds of shitty hide and seek games in the dark.

  61. Lol, nah, it's just an old refrain that every generation uses to complain about how kids are raised.

  62. Why would you want to cure an Octobauts obsession? They learn about all types of animals, it's great.

  63. so it is only protected to stop people doing this? or it is a fragile ecosystem? or both?

  64. Its all endangered desert tortoise habitat around there, as well as many types of migratory birds.

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