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  1. Reinhardt, everybody loves playing against him more than any Tanks.

  2. Rein is the tank i hate the most because he makes the game so boring with his massive shield

  3. I dont know how Bach should be played but i prefer recordings on harpsichord. Also i like the idea of having a recording which sounds just as how Bach would have heard/played his piece.

  4. BDA weil Troll post? Behauptest überall in den antworten er sei ein rassist weil er nicht deine musik mag?

  5. Troll post oder durchschnittlicher deutscher bundesbürger der in jeder aussage rassismus wittert?

  6. I am not an US american but in the past i read that michelle obama reformed the food system in schools or at least tried to. Is this the result?

  7. I feel the opposite... didnt play an instrument until one and a half year ago and i regret that i didnt start with a classical instrument when i was a child. I remember when my mother send me to a testing week for flute when i was 6 but i didnt want to continue :(. I regret it so much, sometimes i feel very sad about it

  8. Les Barricades Mystérieuses by Couperin and the Ouvertüre Suite TWV 55:g5 by Telemann atm

  9. Gibts das noch? Habe letztens erst an einer uni gelesen dass es eingestampft wird weil der andrang so gewaltig gering war

  10. I think moira would fit in pretty good. Her shift is great also her dmg orb (slower than in ow), short range right click could also work.

  11. Are ppl really impressed by this? This happens almost everytime a genji is in my match since ow 1

  12. Bachs Chaconne from BWV 1004, there are some theories that he wrote that piece after his first wife died. Not sure if this is true though. I always feel like its a very sad piece about a love you lost.

  13. If you want an ocarina as the instrument. Do not ever look at Zelda replicas.

  14. The STL Zelda Ocarina is great. Its the best in my collection if you ask me (soundwise). Even better than my double ocarina by Stein/Focalink (obv. less range but soundwise)

  15. Not unless someone makes a bad mistake...but likely lots of places will be just as bad off if that happens.

  16. When i want to read about the instrument i usually google "ocarina instrument" if i want different pieces played on ocarina i usually google "bach on ocarina" or "classical music on ocarina" or "blue bird on ocarina"

  17. As far as i know you have to do one match then you get your rank based on the performance you delivered in your past career.

  18. Same rank as you lol , I didn't do anything ( no win nor kills ) and got melted instantly lol , but I think I got that rank because I got placed #13

  19. No one talking about the swedish guy? 🥵

  20. Vivaldis Concerto in D minor RV 541 is written for violin and organ

  21. Because…it’s available on console? This is an odd question.

  22. I mean OW is also available on console yet there are almost no console players in my lobbies. I thought it could have a reason. Why is that a odd question?

  23. Thank you i tried reducing the textures not sure if it 100% works but at least no 800ms peaks only 200 for a way shorter time, thanks :)

  24. I like this game mode a lot. Probably 2. best from all new game modes in ow2 (halloween being the best) Pachimari was by far the worst.

  25. Looks like the average genji ult from my games

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