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  1. Learn the formula (a series of steps and half steps, specifically).

  2. yeah but on my computer I can highlight my piano roll to display any scale so I don't have to practice memorizing the intervals.

  3. here is a "guide" from my personal experience that I would recommend spy mains follow, first thing first these is not a comprehensive guide and I won't be touching or even mentioning alot of details.

  4. I want to thank you for taking the time to make this comment. There's a lot of different things you brought up so I'll give my thoughts on them individually.

  5. It's sorta like fishing, you need to let them take the bait before you jerk the hook. So you try to calculate the amount of latency it takes for their brain and in game model to register you moving in one direction, then you snap in the other direction right as that rotation occurs.

  6. sometimes they just decide not to lock onto me, so I can't make them turn by movements. And even if I can I feel like I can never reach their back, like everyone moves so different I can't just do the same thing on them I feel so lost, how do ppl get good at this so fast I feel like I'm just starting out but I have more hours than some of the best spies at trick stabs

  7. there are different stabs for that, example walking past someone who doesn't register you as a spy and doing a quick 180. Maybe if you record a short clip and post it here people can add more clarity

  8. I recorded clips. how do I share? I watch them over and it looks hopeless, like oh whoops I picked the wrong option, but there's no indicator of what option to pick. so it's like totally random. but it's not. but i dont know how it's not.

  9. Hmm. Well 8 bar loops count as real music, you shouldn't discredit yourself. Uf you're a beginner it's okay to not be where you want to be.

  10. I don't really know how to go about answering that. I want to be able to make the music I want to make. I also want to learn the guitar because you can't replicate the sounds of a guitar just with a VST. Also I think playing the guitar could be a good outlet to get my musical ideas out because I don't really have that right now.

  11. Hard to achieve goals that you cant articulate.

  12. I'm sorry I just don't know what you mean by goals. What are examples of goals that someone in my position should have, maybe I don't understand.

  13. Well, I feel like it would be beneficial to post your music and asking more constructively "what sounds can i put in this" or if there's a song you like the sounds of you can ask, "what sound is this at this time in this song?"

  14. I already know how to do a trick stab I just need help getting better at them and more consistent

  15. I'm no professional but i too play spy and find the best way to do it is with practice maps, my favorite map is tr_cornerstab. It seems a lil sketchy to install it but just follow a video and you should be good. Here's the video I watched

  16. I already know cornerstabs, I was more talking about doing consecutive trickstabs very consistently, like I seen a video of a dude do 17 in a row in 1 life and he had only 800 spy hours while I have 1100 and cannot do that, thought maybe there is a better way to practice than just ramming my head against a wall in casual idk

  17. So you initially say that you are lost and seek help, but the music you listen to isnt music you want to make, and want ppl to like your music.. but you know enjoyment comes from the process if making whatever you make, yet your initial post is of frustration and uncertainty.. and YOURE the one that's confused? I don't know why some ppl make posts like these 🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿

  18. I'm sorry I don't know what is the confusing part. I am lost and am looking for help, the music I listen to isn't the music I want to make, I want people to like my music

  19. Enjoyment comes from the process of making the music*. That is what I was trying to say. I was doing too many things at once when I was responding earlier.

  20. Have you actually made a sound yet?

  21. I don't know how to get different sounds I just have a synth and all the presets are horrendous, I feel like I can't make anything. I just don't know anything about making music even after ramming my head against a wall for 3 years, there's no way I can improve without seriously changing something

  22. I don't know if I want to use synths though that's my problem I don't know enough to decide on what I want to make, like I know what I want to make but all the ideas are just floating around and I don't know what to do with them. idk how to explain this I hope you can understand

  23. It sounds like you’re dealing with the issue that a 12-note keyboard pattern doesn’t sync up with a scale period that has a different number of notes than 12. If that’s the issue, there’s no way around it—you have to either:

  24. Ok, here's an exercise for you. Pick a song you like and try to make your own version of it. Now you don't have to invent a melody, chords or structure. You can concentrate on how to put sounds together and how your daw actually works.

  25. what do you mean by "make your own version of it"? like am i copying the melody and arrangement or do i listen to it and try to recreate it? either way i think i still fall into the issue of not knowing what steps to take which might be my biggest problem.

  26. this is very hard for me to learn from. when i try it's just all randomness and a mess. i really have tried this approach for a long time and i haven't learned 1% as much as from when i had structure in my learning.

  27. art is one of those things where you will feel good about it, then feel shit about it, then feel good about feeling shitty about it because you realize you're growing, then feel shitty about growing because it's an actual challenge, then feel good about shit eventually when you get old enough to not give a fuck anymore

  28. i just haven't touched music in 7 months, it feels like i'll never get back into it at this rate which really sucks cuz it's one of the things i'm most passionate about

  29. probably just need a change to get inspired..also...not sure where you are at geographically, but winter / seasonal depression is a thing and can affect your creative habits

  30. Do you understand what a key is and what notes and chords are in a key? Do you know the chord qualities for a major and minor key? Do you know what scales fit with over what types of keys?

  31. how do i learn this? all the music theory videos i watch throw around words that i dont understand, it feels so hard to learn.

  32. is hard to learn! It takes effort to learn this stuff. That doesn't mean it's not worth it.

  33. If it's not fun, don't do it. Maybe music isn't the right hobby for you.

  34. but it's one of my interests, it's something i am passionate about doing. if i cant do the thing that i wanna do the most, how could i possibly do something i am even less enthusiastic about?

  35. Have you ever learned and gotten good at anything at all in your life? Anything? Or do you suck at everything you do? If not then think about how you got good, how long it took, and what steps you took along the way.

  36. it's hard to really say because creative things are a whole different thing to improve at. i am good at sweeping the floors and tying rotisserie chickens but the steps to improving at those things are much more linear.

  37. wdym "I guess it makes sense." I don't understand


  39. but why just that sample, to me it's so meh I don't get how anyone could wanna sample it after it's already been sampled before

  40. Look at you seal and you should see a number associated with “Incant scaling” this number boosts the power of your incantations. That number is affected by increasing faith and by levelling up your seal.

  41. i don't understand what you're trying to say. i know about incant scaling but what does that have to do with what i said?

  42. I can reassure that bringing your strength to 34 and dex to 24 will allow you to use every faith/str scaling weapon we’ve found. And if you get your faith to 50 you can use every incantation in the game.

  43. but 34 str + 24 dex + 50 faith aint good for scaling right? feel like stats could be distributed much better for more damage idk

  44. how long did you go to therapy? This, of course, has no immediate effect. discussing problems will not solve them, of course, but a good therapist will help you to realize your delusions and internal conflicts. Similarly with antidepressants, they do not have an immediate effect.

  45. i tried a few different therapists and i just felt like i was getting totally scammed. the last session i had with my most recent one ended with her telling me there was not much she could do because i should see a doctor instead. i been on the antidepressants for like 5x longer than they should have started working and i've felt nothing so idk.

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