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  1. Cities in Motion maybe? You have a pre-made city and you play as the public transport administration. It's also the game that eventually gave us Cities Skylines.

  2. CiM (the first one) is immediately what came to mind. Loved that game.

  3. I enjoy City of Gangsters and it may just be me but it feels like it gets very repetitive after a time and too micro managy to run a large criminal empire

  4. First few hours I absolutely loved it. By hour 5 I felt I’d seen all it had to offer.

  5. Preach preach, but some do not want to hear you.

  6. Perfectly happy to hear any opinion. I just disagree. Why would anyone want to prevent Bond discussion on a Bond sub? Someone disagreeing with you does not make you a victim.

  7. And with all the downvotes the lesson is “don’t express a personal opinion outside the orthodoxy “

  8. The downvotes are because you expressed your point incredibly poorly, and then doubled down on it.

  9. I dont like staying in hotels, too generic and sterile.

  10. I love hotels, I’d prefer to stay in hotels, but it’s so much easier if you have young kids to get an Airbnb or similar. In a hotel you’re stuck sharing a room with your kids, and have to go elsewhere in the building to eat and leave the kids alone if they’re asleep, and if you want to be anywhere near the middle of town in anything approaching a decent environment then they are really expensive.

  11. Doesn't the product need to be commercial in nature to break IP law? Like it's a free mod, no money is being made, what damages could universal even show to shut it down?

  12. This was made within dreams ps4 and yeah they used so many sounds from Jurassic park. Sucks they got caught.

  13. They didn’t get caught. They actively publicised it themselves. If they’d just shut up about it instead of seeking publicity via monetised YouTube videos then they probably would have been able to finish it.

  14. It's because it's spliced together out of order. I don't live faraway and completely get the accent, and snatch 8 or 9 words in a row and then it switches to something completely different, and then back again. It's incredibly well edited. Notice how the shot keeps changing from Gerald, to a hedge, to Jeremy, back to Gerald. The sound syncs up with Gerald's lips when he's in shot, but when they switch away it's a completely different shot.


  16. Yes, this is an unbroken conversation, which is made more difficult because of radio.

  17. It is very beautiful, which is probably why Jeremy moved there as opposed to say an industrial estate in Hull.

  18. It’s very beautiful, and it’s nature. It may be cultivated and shaped by man. But it’s nature. Growing plants is natural. Raising cattle is natural. Name makes perfect sense to me.

  19. Discussion: I have no idea how at least two of those words are associated with spring. Ah well.

  20. I appreciate I wasn’t clear. The surface level meaning is wrong, but when you drill down into what it’s actually saying, it’s empty.

  21. It’s not if you look at it in context of the whole book. Anna’s family is unhappy—and there are other unhappy families in the book. Kitty and Levin slowly create a happy marriage and family

  22. The quote doesn't cover only the families in the book though. It covers all families.

  23. In civilized countries, debtors prison is no longer a thing.

  24. English proceeds of crime legislation allows courts to order repayment of anything which is or represents criminal benefit. They investigate all of your assets, gifts, transfers, whatever, and claw it back up to the available amount remaining.

  25. I know we’re gonna get absolutely fucked sooner rather than later, but I love how even this game is so far. A really enjoyable game to watch

  26. I’m not afraid of death, but I am afraid of dying. Death is nothing to fear. It’s just nothingness. I’m no more afraid of the time after my life than I am of the time before my life.

  27. I think it would land much, much better if we weren’t currently dealing with people like Andrew Tate and a (largely) misguided surge in men’s rights activism and general incel behavior.

  28. Yeah you’re right. Didn’t cross my mind as he’s just not that popular here in England. It’s just not happening much in the discourse I see. But I completely see how for many my poor taste joke could reinforce it.

  29. Likewise my friend. There is definitely still a place in this world for dark humor, and comedy is a lot like cricket in the sense that batting 100 isn’t realistically possible.

  30. I think my main mistake was chucking in a joke at the end of an otherwise serious post. Mixed messages and all that.

  31. Not that comment exactly, but almost all your comments are inciting argument. You seem to have a hard on for Clarkson hate.

  32. Everyone on here who doesn’t express unreserved admiration and support for Clarkson gets downvoted or accused of being a Council shill.

  33. Good evening other council member trolling around in here. I’m not going round and round again about the stupidity of the designation in the first place. A government deciding stuff like farmland that they do not own, is a nature preserve, is stupid. There’s literally nothing you can say or show me that will convince me otherwise.

  34. You don’t understand how AONBs work. They are not nature preserves.

  35. Unless it's London. Getting an Uber here nowadays is like winning the lottery.

  36. Yeah turns out, when they started regulating it properly the bottom fell out. Who'd have thought it?

  37. Making sure that drivers were actually paid as the workers they were, including break times and holiday time, instead of the ride share zero hours disposable drones that Uber pretended they were.

  38. See: Chef with Jon Favreau and the love interest Scarlett Johansson and the wife Sofia Vergara. Quite the stretch that one

  39. Chef absolutely gets away with it. Passion and talent plus charisma can get anyone dripping.

  40. The fact that my frozen wife is a personal air conditioner is the best thing about her.

  41. I completely understand from the BBC’s perspective why their news, policy and current affairs public-facing staff (and particularly senior non-public facing staff actually) need to maintain impartiality both on and off air.

  42. Quick look at their comment history suggests they’re being deliberately extreme in their language to make the exact opposite point via provocation. So I think they actually agree with you.

  43. just a classic reddit ACKSHUALLY moment with no thought or understanding behind it, people love upvoting that garbage

  44. It’s a technically accurate, but practically meaningless, statement.

  45. I feel like I'm the only weirdo who likes Margin Call more than The Big Short, but both are really good.

  46. Most people I have discussed it with like both but WAY prefer Margin Call. It’s a superb movie. I don’t think you’re in the minority here.

  47. Heroic performance by England despite the scoreline. I wager going to Dublin they will be slight favourites.

  48. Can I just say a massive “fuck you” and an “I told you so” to all those megabrains who were desperate to have Jones out in the autumn? This is absolutely clueless.

  49. It's doubly bad because Borthwick could probably have been a good post-world cup coach to be given a whole cycle, but as it is he'll be under massive pressure from day one because it'll be off the back of a (presumably terrible) world cup. If the next 6n is bad he'll probably be gone

  50. Absolutely. I was really looking forward to him taking over in Nov 2023. The natural choice. Now we’ve ruined a potentially world class coach.

  51. Most people under 5 years call will take whatever work they can get, as their diaries aren’t full enough to pick and choose.

  52. They should be disbarred then. How can you be an agent of the court, yet refuse to help enforce the law?

  53. Yep. I’m a criminal barrister if 15 years’ standing. If people don’t want to do the job properly they can fuck off.

  54. I can't stress enough how different a movie it is in 3D. Utterly immersive. The script isn't that great--didn't matter. The three hours went by and I wanted more. My only problem is having to pee after three hours of sitting.

  55. I disliked the first one in 3D as well. I much preferred it in 2D (I saw it 3D in the cinema first, and then 2D in the cinema a few weeks later). I just have no interest in a movie that is just visual. I actually need to script, acting, direction all to be good enough as well. Cinematography can be a vital part of the whole package, but it’s not enough on its own. The first one had the absolute minimum of plotting and acting. Way of Water didn’t even have that. I was honestly bored for much of it, and constantly from about 2 hours in.

  56. Ok, fair enough. I guess we had different experiences with the 3D. I saw Avatar in 2D at home--with a nice big 4K screen--and it was a lot less interesting. I dunno, the 3D just really works for me. Though I should say that I think the 3D with other movies that came out after Avatar was forgettable at best, and sometimes made things worse. But, for me anyway, Cameron really took it to a new level. And I have plenty of criticisms of the film: plotting, acting, dialogue, etc. But it's less of a film as it is an event.

  57. Oh I can see the 3D fine, and I understand why some like it. It just feels like a gimmick to me and actually takes me out of the movie. Like a distraction.

  58. Atleast its not going to waste. In the end it tastes pretty good.

  59. Waste free eating is the dream. God knows why people don’t like it. I bloody love knowing that they’re reclaiming all the protein and making sure every bit is used.

  60. Never is definitely not the word I would use. Blanching sprouts before continuing to prepare them in another way helps to make them more tender/basically edible if you're searing them like this. It's just when you start to boil/steam them for more than ~4-5 minutes that they become absolutely disgusting.

  61. I did mention specifically for OPs application, in my defense. But generally I do agree with you. Mainly just pointing out that boiling sprouts is fine and sometimes necessary as long as you're careful about how long you do it

  62. Oh yeah fair enough. I think it’s easier as well to do a quick blanche so easier for less experienced cooks - but once someone is comfortable with the ingredients, controlling temperature etc, it’s less necessary.

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